Bowling Update – Week 4

I will let the numbers do the talking.

  • (158) Mr. Pink 154-152-165=471 (157) -1
  • (171) Ruben 125-161-159=445 (148) -23
  • (182) Bill 169-159-171=499 (166) -16
  • (170) Tod 148-162-141=451 (150) -20
  • (214) James 177-189-186=552 (184) -30

We took 4 out of 35 for the night on points.

As a team we were 90 pins below average per game. In fact if you look at the numbers Mr. Pink only made his average 1 game; everyone else missed their average every single game. To say the least we got out collective asses handed to us.

OK – time to move on and let this weeks poor performance live in the past.

More to come…

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