Weigh-In is now being called Health Update

Things continue to move forward, that is to say in a positive manner. I am now at 252.2 lbs. This is all great news. The best part of all was that once my diet changed it became pretty easy to lose the weight.

So as some of you know I got the results back from a food intolerance test four weeks ago Wednesday and since that time have tried to follow my restrictions very closely. The results I got back in a nutshell were that I was dairy intolerant and that I could not have cane sugar or any of its derivatives within four hours of fruit.

What does something like that mean? Simply put – no dairy in its many splendid forms; cheese, milk, lactic acid, etc…I mentioned lactic acid because a lot of meat markets and restaurants use lactic acid to preserve their meats and lactic acid is for all intense purposes, dairy and thus will trigger my reaction to it. One thing we also did was to remove almost all sugar cane products from our house; white sugar, brown sugar (personally one of the best smells on Earth), anything with high fructose corn syrup. All gone! Because of this last part I have only had 3 sodas in four weeks. The rest of the time I have been drinking water as a replacement. Again, another area where I drank empty calories is curbed dramatically.

This has helped me lose weight because those were generally speaking, empty calories. I snacked all the time and when I did at work it was generally on some piece of readily available candy from one of many bowls found on one of many of my co-workers desks. I could not eat it if I wanted to if I wanted to be serious about my new restrictions. Let me side bar for a second – technically I can have sugar, just not within four hours of fruit. Because I elect to eat a piece of  fruit with lunch everyday I could not eat of the snacks that most people have at work. The temptation was no longer there. Thus began a steep drop off in caloric intake and thus weight loss.

It isn’t like there aren’t cheese substitutes out there that we can use as a replacement for the real thing when we really want to get our “cheese on.” Daiya Foods makes a pretty reasonable replacement. We used it on pizza a couple of weeks ago and it was kind of like Cheez Whiz. Not terrible. Almost feel guilty eating it. The meltyness of the cheese has something to do with temperature we bake at and amount of cheese used which determines how good it was. For me it was really pretty good. Like I said Cheez Whiz. Imagine a pizza made with Cheez Whiz. It made me think I was a teenager and I was sleeping over at a friends and this is what we came up for dinner. I felt like I was getting away with something.

My (insert how AWESOME she is) wife also picked up some dark chocolate wafers at Trader Joe’s so I could get my chocolate fix on. They have no cane sugar and are oh-so delicious. Actually my wife has been a storm trooper about purging all the things we cannot have and replacing them with the things we can. She also has some food intolerance and it is easier if we both are running the same schedule for meals at home.

The long and short of it is that because I have been eating less my stomach has shrunk and I now feel full quicker than I have in the past and now eat less.

For me this has been a blessing in disguise. I was beginning to feel really manic about my weight gain and the impact it was having on my health.

One last point I would like to make is that our bodies can function perfectly fine without many of those empty calories we fuel them with every day. If we all made small changes we would all be better off. For me it took some medical testing to let me know that I should change things up. Not everyone needs or should resort to that. Changing a few small things to reduce some of the not so good things we consume every day will pay off in the long-term. You don’t want to wake up one morning and have it be THAT day.

Take care of yourself! Love yourself enough to make the change.

More to come…

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