Don’t be an Ass-Clown!

You know, people can be real jerks. Here is the deal; I often check out Craigslist for Magic the Gathering cards to see if there is anything that I might want to purchase for resale. I happened across an ad that looked promising albeit confusing because his ad was poorly worded. We did a couple back and forths over email to get specific details and such.

As it turns out I misunderstood his original ad and he we both ended up thinking the other had something to sell instead of him selling something and me buying. When it was all said and done I apologized and wished him well on his selling/buying. He then quickly replies, “Really. So read the ads next time.”

I will be the first person to admit that I have a short fuse when it comes to this sort of thing. I just get really pissed off that someone went through the trouble to purposefully write a mean-spirited note.

I have to say that my blood pressure started to rise and I quickly started my response which involved words like jerk and dick and ass-clown. Then I stopped and took a deep breath. All I was going to do was continue the cycle of ignorance. We hear this all the time, nobody really speaks with anyone face to face anymore as more and more of our communication/transactions are done through the internets, we don’t have the same kind of restraint or manners we would if we were dealing with someone in person.

The long and the short of it is – don’t be an Ass-Clown. Be polite and respectful of other people, not just because the person you are sassing-off too might track you down like a dirty dog but because it is the right and decent thing to do.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Don’t be an Ass-Clown!

  1. Paul says:

    So being as blissfully ignorant as I am, I went to the bother of looking up the term ass-clown in the urban slang dictionary. Now, as I started to do this, I realized, that I may have been inadvertantly being an ass-clown. I was relieved that to find that it was not at all what I expected. Ass-Clown(ás kloun) n.: one, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society’s collective underwear. I think it may be interesting to note that this definition, in turn means that there are different classifications of ass-clown as can be related to the type and severity of said mark. For instance, general ignorance and annoying behavior might just be a sweat mark. This can escalate to the basic streak, tracks, shart gone wrong, and I suppose full blowout. I suppose there would be a stink scale in there too. I suppose nuns would be at the low end of the scale and politicians top out the high stink/blowout level. I also a bit concerned about that collective underwear thing. I mean, I’ve heard about giving a fellow the shirt of your back, but I am not at all certain that I want to share drawers with people I like, let allown ass-clows that could have a lethal blowout any second. Seriously, how would you ever get to consensus on boxers or briefs? What if society is going comando? Does that mean there are no ass clowns cause there’s no underwear to leave skid marks on? This whole ass-clown thing is too much for me, I think I will stick with ass-hole.


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