New Mexico – Day 1 – Saturday, October 13th

This post is done after the fact. In fact today is Tuesday and I am only just now getting to Saturday. I will post as I have time and will update these posts with pictures after the fact so that I can post news more readily.

Saturday 13th – We are flying Frontier Airlines into Denver Colorado and will have a lay-over to Albuquerque. We managed to arrive in Albuquerque just fine, pick out or rental car (Mazda 2 Zoom Zoom) and drive the hour to Santa Fe where we have a room reserved for the week.

Once in our room at our Worldmark resort I come to the startling realization that I don’t have my Kindle Touch and closely following that thought was that I left it in the pouch of the seat in front of me on the flight from Denver to Albuquerque. I took a deep breath and told my wife full well knowing it was lost and that it was okay if that was the case. I wasn’t going to let the loss of my Kindle be a reason to not have a good time on our vacation.

The following morning Jess woke up early and did a little research and found out all the details I needed for my to submit a “Lost and Found” ticket with Frontier airlines.

As it turns out all I had to do was give a detailed description of the device and where it left on the plain. I did so in painstaking detail and left my contact information. I hit the send button and with it my good thoughts and the good feeling that I would see my Kindle again.

More to come…

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