Bowling Update – Week 6

  • (155) Mr. Pink 219-147-194=560 (187) +32
  • (163) Ruben 181-156-176=513 (171) +8
  • (178) Bill 171-174-155=500 (167) -11
  • (164) Tod 146-208-185=539 (180) +16
  • (206) James 199-233-207=639 (213) +7

We took 27 of 35 possible points. Not a terrible night for most of us. Bill struggled a little bit but did have both his fingers bent backwards on a freak bowling swing. His thumb came out of the ball just after his arm was fully in the back position and started to come forward. The momentum of the ball was such that the ball bent his fingers backwards and his fingers swelled a little after that and I imagine didn’t feel to well.

Next week is the final night of the quarter. Here’s to bowling well. We are also getting bowling shirts made. I will post a pic once we have them.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Bowling Update – Week 6

  1. Anna says:

    It looks like everyone did a good job this week. Your vacation must have been pretty good, it seems to have given your game a boost. Looking forward to the pictures of everything.


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