Halloween party, pocket dial 911, walk of shame…

So, as it turns out while at a friends Halloween party Saturday party I pocket dialed the police. Yes you heard me right, while my phone was locked and in my pocket I dialed the 911. Actually it was more like 111111111111111111111111111999599999999111111111111111111 55511111111111111.

Let me give you the full story. My buddy throws an awesome Halloween party every year at his place. He goes all out with decorating not only the interior of his house, upstairs and downstairs, but his backyard too. He makes it a mini treasure hunt in the backyard where the little ghosts and goblins search out black cauldrons filled with toys and candy. He does lights, inflatable monsters, has a fog machine which was not being used as near as I could tell this year and provides a really fun and safe environment for everyone.

His upstairs living room area has a couple of couches and a couple comfy chairs around the room placed so all can see each other and the ginormous 3D TV he has set up for karaoke. A place where you can sit and talk/eat and relax a little bit. The basement is broken into two halves; the first half is the “man-cave” complete with beer-fridge, bathroom, 2 leather sofas, projector  and Rock Band 3. The other half of the basement is a sitting area with room for 20 around tables set far enough away from the Rock Band side that you can actually carry on conversation.

Back to my story…while getting my bass guitar groove on to a song a may and may not have known one of the guests comes down, whispers to the owner’s house who immediately jumps up and says “I gotta go” and then does. He scrambles upstairs in a flash to come back down moments later telling me that I have called 911 and the officer at the door needs to talk with me.

I was shocked. I took my phone out of my front pocket where I keep it and looked to see that a ton of numbers had been pushed. Apparently while I was getting my classic rock on was right behind one of the sofas I had also been leaning against it inadvertently dialing numbers. The other telling thing was that there was a missed call from Emergency Services trying to reach me to see if I really needed assistance.

So I took the walk of shame to the side door where the officer was waiting, feeling completely embarrassed for having wasted his time. He asked if I was okay, to which I said that I was and how sorry I was for having wasted his time. He said “have a good night”, turned and left.

I think everyone was happy that nothing was wrong.

The moral of the story, turn yer damn phone off while playing Rock Band.

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