Week 8 Bowling Results

  • (161) Mr. Pink 161-132-144=437 (146) -15
  • (160) Ruben 202-175-180=559 (186) +26
  • (179) Bill 173-183-188=544 (181) +2
  • (168) Tod 171-188-139=498 (166) -2
  • (214) James 183-181-188=552 (184) -30

This weeks story is that of peeks and valleys. Last week a peek for me and a valley for Ruben and this week it is reversed for us both. Tommy also had a pretty sad night but comparatively tame to the monster dump I took on the floor. It should also be mentioned if you hadn’t noticed already, Ruben, our lowest average bowler, had the highest series on our team and the only 200+ game. Go Ruben.

All in all I felt really disappointed in myself at my lack of performance. Oh well, there is always next week.

As a team we took 11.5 total points out of 35. Bill tied his man the last game to take half a point. Aside from that little nugget I don’t think there is too much to say.

More to come…

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1 Response to Week 8 Bowling Results

  1. Anna says:

    Sorry to see that game results but as you said, thankfully there is next week. Good for Reuben. Was he surprised when he got that 202? May I ask a question, why is Tommy called Mr. Pinky? I assumed that was him when I couldn’t find Tommy anywhere. Good luck next week, look forward to the latest update. Mom


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