Week 9 Bowling Results

  • Mr. Pink (159) 162-144-157=463 (154) -5
  • Ruben (163) 128-161-163=452 (151) -12
  • Bill (179) 221-178-129=528 (176) -3
  • Tod (168) 150-237-166=553 (184) +16
  • James (210) 171-147-195=513 (171) -39

There are a couple of stories here, most of them not good at all. To start off Bill have a very nice game (221) to start the name off but then he dropped like a stone falling almost 50 pins the next two games from the previous one.

I never got it going at all. My last game was the closest I was to getting my average and was still 15 pins under. I averaged 39 pins under my average. That makes two weeks in a row of really sub-par bowling on my end. I need to do something to fix this. I feel that I help lead the group by bowling as the anchor and as my average dictates I should be bowling. I feel like I am letting everyone on the team down.

The one bright spot on the night was Tod, who bowled at +16 per game. His second game, 237, was actually a much better game than what is indicated in the scores as he opened in the 10th frame. This easily was a 250+ game had he closed the 10th.

For the night we took only 6 out of 35.

Next week we will have to work better and stay focused, or rather I will be doing that. I have melted down twice in a row and am not sure why but if I don’t get my shit together soon I feel like it will have a long-lasting effect on the team. I hope that is not the case and I really don’t think that because I bowl badly everyone else on the team does, Tod proved that is not the case. Simply that when I have fight in me the rest of the team doesn’t feel as much pressure and can just bowl and have fun. I think just letting your body do what it already knows what to do and just do it. If that makes any sense.

More to come…

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