Health Update

Today I weighed 250.4. This is actually down almost 1.5 pounds from my last weigh-in and this over the holiday weekend.

I think the weight loss is do more to the lack of eating as much as I used to and eating a ton less sugar in what I do eat. When I started reading labels for ingredients, it was shocking to me how many things sugar is in, in one form or another; high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and others are found in 70%-80% of everyday things you might buy. If you go to a all-natural store your odds are much better at finding fewer things with sugar in them but you still have to read labels.

I think one thing that really helped me over the holiday to maintain was that our snacks throughout the day and main meal were almost all made from scratch so didn’t have hidden ingredients.

I would love to hear about any good eating habits that you may have used in the past or still use to help maintain a healthier lifestyle.

More to come…


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1 Response to Health Update

  1. ivorycarrot says:

    I agree – there’s so much junk in the things we buy! Even light products have added sugar. It’s insane. Being aware of it is a good first step 🙂


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