Week 10 Bowling Results

Straight to the numbers:

  • (158) Mr. Pink 128-184-166=478 (159) +1
  • (162) Ruben) 139-110-178=427 (142) -20
  • (179) Bill 153-185-203=541 (180) +1
  • (170) Tod 137-172-148=457 (152) -18
  • (205) James 188-199-165=552 (184) -21

We took 11 out of 35. 😦

Clearly this was not a great week for the team or any one person even. As a team we were down 57 pins per game or 11.4 per person. This is the third week in a row that we have been clobbered in points and are in last place, if you don’t count the absent team.

Some things of note; Tommy had a nice second game and Bill had the only 200+ game for our team his last game. Bill also increased each game. Ruben and I continued to struggle and were joined by Tod this week. Not a trend I want to continue.

Ruben did melt-down going into his second game but was able to get his shit together for the third game. Baby steps. Hope it continues.

Lastly I will point out this is the third week in a row that I have not rolled my average. In fact I haven’t rolled a 200 in at least 9 games. This is something that is perplexing me mightily, largely because the last time I bowled well I bowled REALLY well averaging 249 a game.

I think one problem is that I could be that I have been muscling the ball. After rolling as well as I did I felt like that was what I was doing and wanted to continue that but that was apparently not what I was supposed to do in order to roll a halfway decent game.

Better luck tonight.

More to come…

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