Week 11 Bowling Update

  • (158) Mr. Pink 141-138-148=427 (142) -16
  • (160) Ruben 22499-160=483 (161) +1
  • (179) Bill 143-138-167=448 (149) -30
  • (168) Tod 164-184-126=474 (158) -10
  • (203) James 201-256-196=653 (218) +15

Kind of a mixed bag tonight. There was a little good and a little not so good. To the good:

Ruben started off on fire and had the second highest game on the pair as well as his highest game in a long time. Awesome! This was closely followed by the running off the cliff his next game with a 99. It isn’t as harsh as it sounds. We, those of us that bowl with regularity, have done this before. All you can do is walk it off and get your head back in the game.There is also a bigger story there that might need to be told for some of our non-bowling readers. When you bowl and throw a hook, you are reacting and adjusting to the oil that is placed upon the lanes before practice. With me so far? Good. When the oil is pushed down the lane by all the balls that are getting thrown the ball reacts differently and by differently it often means the ball hooks less and unless you react right away to this change you may start leaving pins after your first shot that had been falling early in one shot.

I think this is what happened to Ruben. His ball was working the way he wanted, ball driving into the pocket and getting many strikes, one minute, and then leaving the 10 pin the next. Not having to pick up the 10 pin all night because he was used to getting strikes, he did not convert most of the 10 pins and his score showed it.

Tod had a decent 2nd game which actually was better that it appears because he did not close the 10th frame and lost out on potentially another 10+ to 20+ pins.

I also broke the streak of games in which I not only did not get my average, but even rolled a 200 game. It was a baby 200 at 201 but it got me feeling a bit more confident about myself and set things up for the next game.

My second game was a 256 and had 9 out of 12 strikes and closed all 10 frames. It has been a while since I closed all frames. Boy it felt good.

I also think that because my back was sore and I couldn’t muscle the ball as much as I believe I had been doing the previous several weeks, I was saved from myself because I was more aware of my limitations. Pain is a good motivator. 🙂

Lastly, as a team we were 40 pins under team average. We ended the night with taking 7 of 35 points. We are now firmly entrenched in last place. 😦

More to come…

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