Week 12 Bowling Update

  • (156) Mr. Pink 135-187-148=470 (157) +1
  • (160) Ruben 118-193-197=508 (169) +9
  • (176) Bill 190-145-233=668 (223) +47
  • (167) Tod 145-176-147=468 (156) -9
  • (204) James  233-211-237=681 (227) +23

Tonight was a great night for the team as a whole and individually for Bill. The team took 30 out of 35. This is awesome since over the course of the last four weeks we had only accrued 37 points. Yikes. The bigger story is that Bill not only shot lights out all night long but he crushed the elusive 600 series he has been chasing since last year. Bill averaged 47 pins over average for all three games. That is monster. That might be the highest over-average per game I have seen on the team.

Other things to note: Ruben learned a little more about lane conditions when all of his first game was spent chasing down a line he could throw the ball on that might get him into the pocket. He started with a 118 but had started to get the ball into the pocket with more consistency. Stating off in the second game he killed it starting off with several strikes in a row. The only detractor for this game was the 9th and 10th frames where he opened. A little bitter-sweet. He still managed a 193 with the last 2 frames open. I too managed to hork the 10th frame to close with a 211. Both Ruben and my game could have been significantly better with a close in the last frame or two….moving on.

The second games was also exciting for other reasons, like we all bowled over our averages. Again here are our second games scores:

187-193-245-176-211=1012 That’s 202.4 average per person. With an average for our team of 164.2 which is 38.8 pins per person over average. Also take into account that I only bowled 7 pins over my average that really works out to be something significantly higher but I feel like I have a hang-over and am really tired and math is hard so you figure it out of you want to. 🙂

The final thing I want to mention about the second game is about our poker game. We play a game of poker as we bowl; for every mark (strike or spare) we get a card. For every strike after the first, consecutively,you get two cards. Let me explain in a little more detail to help any confusion my addled brain may be causing you. Starting in the 1st frame you get a spare and then in the 2nd and 3rd frames you get strikes, then you get a spare in the 4th. How many cards do you have? 5 is correct. You get 1 for the 1st frame (spare), 1 for the 2nd frame (strike), 2 more cards for the 3rd frame (a strike following another strike gives a bonus card) and finally 1 card for the 4th frame (spare).

So now that you are all experts in the art of bowling poker you can see how people can get tons and tons of cards to make a good hand with. Full Boat’s (full house)are common (three of one card and two of another). In this particular game we have all 5 bowlers with 2-pair, ultimately yielding 6 full-boats and the winning hand changing from person to person 5 times. let me explain for you.

So Ruben was the first to get his boat with 777KK. He was closely followed by Bill with a boat of his own – 888AA. I snuck in with my own boat – 999JJ. Since the three of a kind determines the winning hands. Each of us had the winning hand until the next person in the line-up drew cards. Ruben in the 8th frame improves his boat to KKK77 and takes the lead. Coming down the home stretch in the 10th frame Tommy gets his boat – QQQAA but it isn’t good enough to take the lead. . Tod was never to complete his boat and ends with 2-pair. Bill finishes his game and collects his cards and does improve his hand to AAA88. How can you have 5 aces you may ask? Good question. We play with jokers. Our jokers are only good for aces, straights and flushes and in order to make a joker an ace, you first need to have an ace and since bill already had 1 or 2 he was not the proud owner of the biggest boat of them all. I tried to follow suit but opened in the 10th frame and cannot improve my hand, leaving bill the big wiener.

And that is how our night of bowling went. More to come…



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