Week 13 Bowling Update

  • (156) Mr. Pink 166-167-191=524 (175) +19
  • (161) Ruben 158-159-155=472 (157) -4
  • (180) Bill 153-147-179=479 (160) -20
  • (167) Brian 182-164-145=491 (164) -3
  • (206) James 260-238-198=696 (232) +26

We took 10.5 points out of a possible 35 tonight. The points don’t indicate how close the games really were, in fact one of the games we lost the team game by 5 pins. That would have been another 5 points. This just has not been our quarter. Last week after crawling out of rock-bottom we have walked off the cliff to end up right there again. I am not positive, just a guess.

We did have some bright moments last night so everything wasn’t all doom and gloom. Tommy Mr. Pink bowled above his average every game and increased every game and game out with a +19 pins per game.

Brian started off like gang-busters and rolled his first game at +15 but then was never able to quite get back to the zone he was in for the last two games.

I started off on fire rolling 10 out of a possible 12 strikes and ending with a 260. Then a 238 for the second game when the corner pins were not falling as easily as they were the first game. Still an awesome game. The third game was a little of the same from the first to the second game but in general didn’t have as much focus and am to blame for my not getting my average.

I think last night Tommy Mr. Pink was the rock star.  Even though I finished with a higher (+) for the night I declined every game and the last game didn’t even make average. Tommy truly was on his game a deserves the “bowler of the night” for getting his average every game and improving every game. The lanes were squirrelly but that didn’t hinder Tommy Mr. Pink as all.

We wrap up this miserable excuse for a quarter last week and get to start anew after the new year begins taking Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off.

On that note if you celebrate the Christmas holiday, Merry Christmas to you. If not and you celebrate some other religious observance may that be a wonderful experience as well. Finally I want wish everyone a truly happy new year.

Best Wishes!

More to come…

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