Man-Weekend Part Deux

Coming up in a few short weeks I and seven of my friends will be heading to Seaside for what has been dubbed “Man-Weekend.”  Since this is the second outing we are calling it Part Deux. I know it isn’t very creative or even imaginative, but that’s what I got right now.

Man-Weekend is an opportunity to get away and spend some time away from work, home, the “honey-do” list and everything else that is a constant reminder of everyday life. I almost forgot, no women-folk, kids or pets are allowed either.

It isn’t that we don’t want to be around or spend time with our significant others, children or pets even. It is simply to get away and channel our inner teenager. Not like making blanket forts or farting on each other, more like staying up late, playing games and eating/drinking likely an unhealthy amount of meat and alcohol.

Last time out we played a 4-6 hour Dungeons and Dragons game that was completely prepped for us ahead of time by one of the guys. We also played some Magic the Gathering, cribbage and a rail game too – I think.

We ate grilled steaks and chicken breasts (every condo in our resort has a grill – more on the resort later) for dinner two nights and for breakfast we had home-made biscuits and gravy one morning and home-made biscuits with strawberries and home-made whip cream. Things will be similar but different this time around.

We have eight of us altogether this time, up from 5 that last time. This means we will be getting a second condo since we want people to have their own beds and for at least one of us (Ruben) that snores SO loud that no one in the same room can sleep a wink if they are in the same room as him.

Since announcing Man-Weekend Part Deux , I have heard from at least one female friend who really wanted to go. I am torn about whether or not it was the right thing to do in making this an exclusive guy-thing. After some serious thought, I believe it was the right choice. No matter how awesome the woman, men simply can’t be themselves 100% they way they can when they are around just guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I love women and respect women especially my female friends but sometimes you need to have a little time away from the fairer sex.

We will be staying at a resort in Seaside that my wife and I belong to as well as one of the guys going on this trip. We are able to get a 3 bedroom condo that comes with a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a bedroom with a queen size bed, another bedroom with 2 twins size beds. There is another bathroom, full kitchen, laundry facilities within the room plus a balcony with a grill. All this overlooking the Pacific ocean.

I think that is about it for this entry.

More to come…

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