A collection of words

Back in November I talked about posting some original work and am still planning on doing that. My schedule (and sloppy prioritization skills) has made things a little more challenging that I expected so I am only through the 1st pass after my initial story came to me literally in a dream. In lieu of that story, but not instead of (cuz I plan on posting my dream/story as soon as I can make a draft I feel good about) I am posting a piece of original work that came to me this morning. There were some thoughts running through my head when I started that initially inspired my word-choice but as things often do (with me anyway) I deviated from the original idea somewhat and let this unfold organically with thoughts and feelings more than trying to make a standard line or rhyme or being structured in a certain way.

I will say I am not prone to poetry or verse or haiku although I am fascinated by and profoundly respect those that can achieve success at it.

Without any further delay I present an original piece of writing by me. If after reading this you have any thoughts or feelings you would like to share, please feel free to reply back to me and denote if you want those kept private.


young – impressionable

inquisitive – forgetful

mirrors of our selves

reflections of humanity

reflections of insanity

mine is the story not yet told

mine is the story carefree and bold

exuberance – wonderment – daydreaming

peals of laughter, giggling

belief – knowledge


eternal rest

More to come…

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2 Responses to A collection of words

  1. Paul B says:

    I like it


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