New Mexico – Day 4 – Tuesday, October 16th

Blue Sky – Temp was 86.

We start the day off by going to Carlsbad Caverns; if you EVER  find yourself in a position to visit Carlsbad Caverns…do so! Don’t walk, run. I will place a disclaimer that if you suffer anxiety or have claustrophobia you may want to rethink this trip. Otherwise I say take a camera and start capturing the beauty that lies more than 700 feet below ground. Here are some pics for you to enjoy:

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After the caverns we stop by the gift shop to pick up some gifts for family.

After a bit to eat for lunch we start making our way to Alamogordo (some 171 miles distant) where we will stay this evening. The drive is clear and peaceful. Sadly our car does not have satellite radio nor a USB port to which we can attach my wife’s smart-phone to play Pandora or Stitcher Radio. Much of the day goes by in silence taking in the vast plains of New Mexico.

Along the way to Alamogordo we were needing to stop for some refreshments and came across a couple of signs along the way that indicated a place called Apples was just up ahead. We finally make our way to Apples and low and behold, it is also a petting zoo. They had tons of goats, sheep, a cows with curled horns, emu, llamas, pig, a single humped camel,. It was awesome. While we were ogling the animals we were joined by an enterprising goat that had managed to escape and was taunting all the other goats on the inside of the fence. He/it kept sticking its tongue out at the other goats and spitting at/on them. Some of the other goats on the inside of the fence started to make strangely human noises. It sounded like an old man.

We took time to look at the animals and stretch our legs before we headed out again.

We arrive in Alamogordo later this afternoon and check in to our hotel for the evening. We ask for directions to White Sands so that we might catch sunset at the dunes.

We drive the 17 miles to the outskirts of the city and make our way to  the dunes just in time to catch a glimpse of the sunset.

Sunset at White Sands New Mexico

Sunset at White Sands New Mexico

One thing I learned while we were at White Sands is that it is the largest surface deposit of gypsum in the world. It is also called a living desert/dune as it continues to grow each year. Another odd fact is that gypsum is cool to the touch unlike other desert sand.

As desolate a place as it appears on the surface there are plants and animals that call this home. Here are some of the plants and animal tracks we found here:

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After the brief visit to White Sands we went home for dinner after a long day.

More to come…

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