New Mexico – Day 5 – Wednesday, October 17th

We started of the morning by going back to White Sands for a morning view while we had more light to explore and play around in. We also sat and watched a video explaining how White Sands was formed, what were some of the wildlife that live within the desert and how they survive. There wasn’t much more to add to Tuesday post about the dunes and their inhabitants so we will move on. Oh wait…there was one thing…silence. It gets really quiet there…it is really peaceful and would be a fun spot to sit and meditate or read for some length of time.

After the dunes and about half way to Albuquerque we decided to grab lunch in Socorro at a place that was recommended to us by a friend of my wife’s who said he once drove 4 hours out of his way to eat at this place…

Frank & Lupe's - El Sombrero

Frank & Lupe’s – El Sombrero

The food was really good and I would recommend coming here even if it means spending some extra time getting to the place.

After lunch we finish heading to Albuquerque and decide to ride the Sandia Peak Tramway. This has the world’s longest single span, and the world’s third longest overall span stretching from the northeast edge of the city to the crest-line of the Sandia Mountains.

Rising from an elevation of just over 6000 ft you rise to an elevation to more than 10000 ft in elevation stretched over the course of 3 legs. it takes between 14-15 minutes to travel at a rate of 12 mph.

The view is breathtaking and scary all at the same time. I allayed my fears with the knowledge that they run more than 10,000 times up to the top. Good enough for me. Jess and I along with 13 other people plus a tour guide made our way in the car and started the ascent while taking in how high up we were, how beautiful the scenery was and what a marvel of engineering this tram was in equal parts.

A few images for your pleasure:

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Once at the top we walked around a little bit as neither of us were dressed for the temperature we encountered we stopped in the lodge for some hot/alcoholic refreshment. Here are some pics from the lodge at the top:

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Then we get to head back down as the sun has just set and the night lights of the city have begun to light up. A few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

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Afterwards we make our way back to Santa Fe for the night. Another long but very exciting day of seeing the sites.

More to come…

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