New Mexico – Day 6 – Thursday, October 18th

The day greeted us with Blue Skies and peaked in the 70’s. Absolutely gorgeous weather.

After all the driving we had done over the last several days we decided to stay a little closer to Santa Fe for our remaining time here in New Mexico. A little closer turns out to be only 70 miles to the NE to a place called Taos. Taos is a community of artists located along either side of really just one road for several blocks culminating in a sort-of gated community of an authentic, traditional Pueblo community. Also largely an artists community.

With our power-up happening with perfect timing we decided to head to the Pueblo town and walk around. If you wanted to take pictures you had to pay $10 dollars or something like that so we decided we would just enjoy what the natives were selling.

As we entered the (wood) gated community it was like taking a step back in time 130 years ago. All the buildings were small, mostly one-story affairs but occasionally there was a second story. Also homes were build right next to one another sharing common walls. The exception to this was the church which you were greeted by first when you entered the community. It was between 2-3 stories tall but was just a big open room. As we walked along we could see signs on the outsides of these small single-family dwellings saying what they were selling…it is hard to describe but I will try. We saw silversmiths, and pottery makers actually making there wares. Each person took time out to talk with us and explain what they were doing and how they did it. Truly a wonderful experience I will never forget.

We moved along visiting many more home-shops and finally made our way to one place that was a little larger than the others. Still a single story dwelling but a second larger living space beyond the main room up a step from where the entrance was located. There were selling music and kits for making some very cool things, of what I forget now as it has been 2.5 months since we were there. I do remember if I had money burning a whole and more importantly, the room at home to house all the things I wanted to buy, I would have brought home much more than I did.

I do remember a story the native woman told us about one particular piece or jewelry that resembled a wrist-watch without the watch part. The women said that there was no watch because the Pueblo people arrived when they wanted to. They may show up 5 hours after they were told to be somewhere but they were right on time according to their own understanding.

This particular house was actually used by the singer whose CD’s were being sold in the smaller entry room. During the off-season when he was done touring he stayed here.

I should have started off by describing these homes; generally hard packed earth. Walls that were plastered with a plaster made from mud or some other agent. There was generally a small build into the wall fireplace that was more tall than low and flat like you might in your own home. Overall the places were very clean, stayed cool in the summer and I imagine warm in the winter from the masterful weatherizing that walls and ceiling are done with plus the smaller space needing to be heated. Overall my experience here was another magical step back in time.

If you want to know more from Wikipedia you can check it out the link to Taos New Mexico.

Since New Mexico is such a large state and we needed to see more ofDSC07923 it we decided to take the scenic way back home which took us about twice as long.On our way back home we did go through a tiny little town of which I forget the name. It was so small it could have been walked completely around in 30-45 minutes. At one point this place might have been more hopping as they did have an Opera House in 1881.

Once we got back Santa Fe it was time for dinner and as Jessica sometimes does, she had seen a place and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that we needed to check out. This place was called the Backroad Pizza.

We both enjoyed pizza and beer for dinner. I was really impressed with their sauce. Overall we both enjoyed the food.

We headed home for the evening for some well deserved rest after another long day of site-seeing.

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