Portland Aquarium – 123012

Today I spent with my wife’s family down from Seattle and her parents. The days main activity was to put to use for the first time a membership that my wife had purchased for her sister and family to the Portland Aquarium for Christmas.

We headed over to 99E and pulled into the parking lot that was overloaded with people with the exact same idea in mind. The one thing about having a membership is the line was about a 1/10th of the length and we were inside and exploring in no time at all.

I had heard the building that was originally used for the aquarium was an old Black Angus restaurant that was gutted and remodeled to its present condition. Not very large but large enough to house a myriad of fish, reptiles and birds. It was small enough you could spend an hour or an hour and a half and be completely fulfilled.

At first when you enter you are placed into the gift shop right away with many eye-catching bits and bobs for their kiddies to enjoy but once you move on from that you can actually get in to see the exhibits; at first tanks with coral and small fish and sea sponges but as you progressed further into the aquarium the bigger and more impressive the tanks and fish.

We made our way through the maze like series of small galleries into a large open space dominated by one central large tank that held truly some magnificent specimen. We saw sharks of a couple of varieties, rays, parrot fish and all of which you could touch and feed. That was the best part.

Later on as we moved forward we went through another portion of the aquarium dedicated to iguanas, and small frogs and lorikeets. Finally we came to the last room that once again had a smallish (compared to the large tank) fish tank (although tank doesn’t exactly describe it as well as the pictures will) containing a couple of rays you could pet, other small fish, coral and starfish.

We were there and back again in about 2 hours from Oregon City. I definitely recommend going to see it if you ever have the chance. Oh and before I forget, they will be bringing in puffins and river otters next year.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

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2 Responses to Portland Aquarium – 123012

  1. Anna says:

    I enjoyed “revisiting the aquarium”. I didn’t see any pictures of the fish that looked like twigs. did they still have them. What about the tank that had all of those starfish, so many different kinds and colors. Beautiful. You’ll have to tell me some more about it and show more pictures. Mom


    • This is the newly built Portland Aquarium, not the Aquarium located in Newport. This place did have the “stick”fish but I am uncertain as to if Newport did or didn’t. This place had several pools for you to feel the starfish and other sea-life including sharks, and rays. The rays had their stingers removed.


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