Original Fiction – A New Beginning – A fae/zombie tidbit

Not quite a year ago I started writing about things that I really enjoy reading about zombies, the Fae and the preternatural and supernatural. Every now and again I find myself just writing the bones of something that I might write further on, most often just a piece that I never get back too.

This time I would like to change that. I would like to continue to write short chapters continuing the storyline. I mean, if you want to get better at writing, you need to write. With that in mind, here is my first chapter of A New Beginning.

Please do write back with any suggestions you may have. I do read them all and take them to heart and try and apply them when I next write.

Without further ado…I give you – A New Beginning – Chapter One.

Hi, my name is Tuck and I am Fae. Well, half Fae anyway. Mother was of the Fae, father was human. It happens sometimes you know, like Beauty and the Beast. Hey, it could happen. Maybe it was a dare. Who knows. All I know is that I was born different and as I grew and got older those differences became more pronounced; physically I developed and looked much the same as any kid although I never quite grew out of my boyish looks. I also was unusually gifted for a human where strength and speed were concerned. I also have a sharp mind that sometimes rebels against common sense and gets me into hot soup.

Often youngsters like myself, born of two-worlds, belonging to neither are adopted given over to an organization that caters to the offspring of Fae, human dalliances. If you think Dr. Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, you would have it about right. Well, minus the adamantine skeletons, claw wielding, lazer-beam shooting or wind controlling little people around. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that the Fae can do but come on – real is real and then you have the stuff of comic books.

At the school we learned about all the usual things you learn to survive and thrive in a world peopled with both Fae and non. If you look close enough or thought hard enough you probably have seen a few like me who chose to make the best of their physical attributes and natural theatrics to become sports icons and legends or famous artists in every media. I mean come on, have you seen some of the things Michael Jordan could do athletically. I am not saying he is one of us, I am just saying that we are among all walks of life. Some of us choose to live a more under the spotlight lifestyle. Others of us choose a different way.

I along with several others like myself make up a kind of misfit group on the fringe of the Fae and human worlds. We are the offspring of a full-blooded fey and human. Being of both worlds and belonging to neither. The resulting offspring is often not tolerated in either community. In exceptional cases the child will be raised by the parents and exposed to the full spectrum of both cultures that it shares, but that is something so rare it is hardly worth mentioning.

For me, I chose a life of service to both worlds I come from. Because of this path I have chosen I have been trained in ways to deal with those that would bring harm to the world or peoples I love. Funny that, not really but the last thing I thought I would have to face would be stinking zombies. Let alone fighting every day against the ever-hungry hordes that has changed our world forever. Let me give you some background.

I belong to an order of protectors that believes in the protection of humanity against those that would do it harm. The world has fewer people in it now-days. In fact it is safe to say that it might not have any people in it at all had it not been for my kind tasked with the protection of those in their cities. My city, if it can be called that anymore is Portland. It is not much of a city anymore barely totaling five thousand people from its heyday of two million souls in the greater Portland Metro area. The city center location is located now somewhere close to Jantzen Beach, bordering the south side of the Columbia River across from Vancouver Washington.

You may ask yourself why does the world have fewer people in it these days, well I will tell you that it started out not innocently enough. Our country in its infinite wisdom decided to create a weapon so insidious that it would revolutionize warfare as we know it. It would eliminate widespread destruction and leave only the dead and dying leaving the infrastructure intact. Time would starve those remaining people out and then there is nothing left but to clean up and claim victory. How things can go horribly wrong at the worst possible moment. I can remember when it happened like it was yesterday, that was seven years ago.

When it happened I barely had time to react to the news and assimilate the information into something my mind could grasp and react to. That had been to hard part. Often when we are given information overload or sensory overload of the impossible we simply cannot accept it. In recent memory I can think of one such occasion – 9/11. When I had heard the news about the first tower had been crashed into by a jet I was shocked. By the time news had spread about the second jet crashing into the second tower all the worst possible thoughts started running through my head; is this the beginning of WW3 or were there more plains on the way to other buildings? By the time both buildings had collapsed I couldn’t process any more data. I was beyond emotion and feeling. I simply could not function on any higher level. I was in a daze and all I could do was what my body had to do to survive; eat, sleep, defecate. This went on for some time before I remember not thinking about this terrible tragedy and crying. Eventually I started processing things and moved beyond this horror. It had taken some weeks of not hearing about this tragedy and going on with my routine that pulled me out of the dark place I had gone.

This new horror was something that was a hundred, a thousand times worse that 9/11. There was a very real possibility that every living thing on earth would die horribly.  When I had heard the news that confirmed the worst had happened, I let me body react with the training I had received over the years. Training that had saved my life. News of the failed attempt to infect another superpower with what some people called “Z-Gas” had reached us soon after the failed attempt had manifested into the “Z-Gas” being unleashed on our own land and people.

As I understand it “Z-Gas” is some kind of nerve agent that deteriorates the mind’s higher functions and leaves only the survival instincts intact. In most cases the body too was polluted and deformed, often reducing its victims to malformed shells of their former selves. In some few cases the gas ravaged a person’s faculties but left the body intact. In all cases those infected soon deteriorated into mindless hunger on two legs or four in some instances, consuming anything not able to escape its grasp. Sometimes I think to myself those who were killed early on were the lucky ones, not needing to worry about anything anymore.

Those of us that were ordered up to stop this flow of insanity across our country got a crash course in survival at any cost. Dealing with a few thousand infected people turned out to be incorrect intel. We arrived to a hot steaming pile of incorrect intel. Turns out the initially infected could also infect new people so that if you were “lucky” enough to escape an attack but had been bitten, you would likely get the disease yourself and succumb to its evil.

A few thousand turned out to be about ten-thousand and gaining strength as more and more time passed. As time progressed and it was clear this was way beyond our ability to control it on personnel level we had to resort to extreme measures. Whole towns and cities were systematically burned in the attempts to get ahead of this thing. Millions of people were lost. We weren’t the only ones resorting to such drastic measures. As news traveled about each new failed attempt to contain the infection it became standard procedure to reduce cities to smoldering ash to stem the spread of the disease.

To some degree it worked. Humanity survived in it’s now pitiful state, but only just. Electricity was managed with old-fashioned ideas with new technology harnessing the river and solar elements to run generators powering medical facilities and factories of various sorts. Smaller amounts of it were needed to function and as people died off that could keep in operation the large power plants more and more things stopped operating. Individual ownership of stuff and things was less apparent and gave way to a sense of community. People lived in larger, single large room dwellings for security and necessity. It is easier to heat and cook for 20 – 50 than each individual doing their own with limited resources.

As humanity seemed to have gotten back on track and was not nearly on the verge of extinction as it was seven years earlier I could dedicate myself over to zombie cleanup as there were still roving bands that were occasionally encountered in the more remote parts of the cities that were abandoned and not completely burned to nothing. I also got to police the area for others like me who had decided that they could maybe make a play to either take charge of one of the few remaining cities or just create havoc or who were simply an envoy from another surviving communities.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Original Fiction – A New Beginning – A fae/zombie tidbit

  1. Paul says:

    This one was fun. Good use of description, and a snarky protaganist is appealing. I think you could develop the “growing up time” more. You described several ways in which the half fae could be brought up, but I never go a good sense of what happened to Tuck. Was he adopted. Did he live with a parent. How old was he when he started training. I don’t really have any sense of his age or stature. The picture left in my head is a Peter Panish never gonna grow up look. Not sure if this was what you were going for. I like the story line, it would make a good D&D or Savage Worlds setting.


    • I lost my original reply. DOH!

      I was going for the Peter Pan angst and never grow up attitude. I would like to develop Tuck’s character more and expanding on his and others like his childhood will shed some much needed light into his development. It will also allow for a more complex and richer story to unfold.

      Thanks for the great feedback.


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