Week 15 Bowling Update – 3rd Quarter Begins

  • (158) Mr. Pink-120-123-135=378 (126) -32
  • (160) Ruben-135-115-171=421 (140) -20
  • (178) Bill-233-157-180=570 (190) +12
  • (173) Tod-173-193-183=549 (183) +10
  • (208) James-257-268-179=704 (234) +26

So this was the first week back after a two-week hiatus for the holidays. It was nice to have a break and I really love the atmosphere of Christmas but I also like routine and getting back to bowling is one of my favorites.

It was also good to have some form of exercise that stretched out my back as well as the tendons and ligaments in my right arm. In terms of actual overall exercise, bowling is really only half a workout because you are doing the same routine in only one-half of your body. You never switch it up and rotate to the other side of your body.

It was also nice to see the guys after the break and have a chance to get caught up and socialize a little bit before the real work of throwing 1 or 2 balls down the lane and drinking beer was at hand. 😉 I jest but in all honesty bowling is a wonderful way to spend a few hours, maybe drink a few beers and socialize a little with your friends. It is also a way to meet any new people who have joined your league, as is our case.

The team we bowled was a transplant from Hollywood Bowl and we were happy to bowl with them as they turned out to be real competitive but not jerky and we all had a good time.

So, as you can see the break was better for some than others. I wont sugar coat it, Mr. Pink and Ruben struggled mightily and between the two only made their collective average once in six games. Conversely, Bill, Tod and I had a pretty good week only missing our collective average two in nine times.

Bill had a monster break-out game to open with 233 which was a nice 55 pins above average. I also contributed a 257 which was a modest 49 pins over average. Tod managed to hit his average exactly which brings the over-under of two over and two under with Tod being the *fulcrum. We took this game by 64 pins and were eager to move on to the next game.

After our pitiful last quarter we wanted to get out early with the points and we were on our way with a good start. Little did we know that the team we were bowling wasn’t going to just roll over and let us walk all over them. Tod rolled a 193 (+20) and I roll a 268 (+60) but the rest of the team struggled and collectively were (-101) and we took a beating.They charged back and ripped us by 122. That means we were now in a 58 pin deficit for overall points which was worth five additional points.

The last game T.J. (the leagues highest average bowler who was giving me 20 pins a game handicap) and I stunk up the joint and were non factors in determining the outcome. It was left to the other eight guys.

Tommy, still struggling, managed to roll his high game for the night. Ruben, Bill and Tod all bowled over their average. More so than their counter parts and we took the game by 14 pins. Sadly 14 isn’t 59 which is what we needed to win by if we wanted to take overall pins. As it turns out we split us taking 17 points and the other team taking 18. Overall I cannot complain. Not a bad way to start against a tough team.

On a side note; I did beat the leagues highest average bowler scratch to first two games and only lost by three pins the last game. Since I get 20 pins handicap per game I took that one as well and it was the first time that T.J. didn’t take at least 2 points as to hear it from one of his own team mates.

I am going to give the weeks high honors jointly to Bill, Tod and myself. Bill and I for big games well above our average but also not making average 1 game a piece. Tod for being consistent and either bowling his average or above every game.

There you have it, the recap of the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Stay tuned for more exciting recaps of The Wrecking Crew.

More to come…

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