Man Weekend Part Deux

Man Weekend Part Deux officially starts in two days and I can’t wait. Man Weekend is what you might expect it to be, a bunch of guys getting together over the weekend doing what they like to do; play games, a little drinking, eat meat from the grill and maybe sleep a little in between.

This originally all came about either late 2011 or early 2012 when, after mentioning several times how I wanted to put one of these shin-digs together but never really doing anything about it, my awesome wife made the arrangements for me. The arrangements specifically she made was to rent a three-bedroom condo at a resort in Seaside Oregon.

Seaside is a nice medium for this sort of thing because it is close to Portland. Close like you can be there in less than 90 minutes close. It also is located right on the beach and if you are a storm/wave watcher this is as good a place to do it from.

The condo(s) we will be staying at are pretty nice, having 3 bedrooms, which sleep 8. They are appointed with 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, laundry facilities, dining room/living room area with dining room table and couch, gas fireplace and balcony with grill. Boo-ya.

The games we will be playing will include an almost all-day dungeon crawl (4th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons) with pre-gen characters maxed for optimal monster bashing, Magic the Gathering, Fluxx, cribbage and any of a number of Rail Games that is put out by Mayfair.

This is an escape for guys who need a little time to just be guys. Not dads or husbands (or both in some cases) or pet owners. Just the easy relaxed atmosphere of playing games and reconnecting with our inner guy. My wife often has told me that I am really just a 14-year-old trapped in a 43-year-old body. I argue the point, I say 17 at least. The rest she has about right though.

I hope to make this a little more often, maybe like every six months as this isn’t a Con or anything like that but something for a small(ish) gathering of friends and family.

I will post pictures and stories about this outing next week sometime if I have it all sorted out by then.

More to come…

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