Week 16 Bowling Update

  • (156) Mr. Pink 159-160-163=482 (160) +4
  • (132) Jim “Doc” 95-146-156=397 (132) Establishing Average
  • (179) Bill 167-201-184=552 (184) +5
  • (159) Ruben – Absent
  • (210) James 258-243-241=742 (247) +37

This was kind of a crazy week; we had one person out with some crud and we fortunately were able to get a sub for him but at the last moment during practice, Tod determined he was unable to bowl due to his knee. Since the time was so late we were unable to get our second substitute bowler to fill in. In the end we bowled a man short.

In the end we took either 11 or 12 points out of 35. It was a long but fun night. Overall individually and as a team we did well, however the other team did just a little bit better and took the lions share of the points.

We had our first week with Jim as a sub this year. He was a little rusty but shook it off after the first game and was really getting into it by the end of the third game.

Bill managed to take all three of his individual points and ended at a +5 per game when all was said and done. Tommy managed +4 for the evening and almost had a stair-step going 159-160-163. I was on a bit of a streak and ended at +37 per game. In the end however our above average bowling was not enough to win out.

I give this week’s bowler of awesomeness to myself as I crushed my average all three games. The only down side to the night was that I actually did not win my second game. I was giving up 21 pins of handicap and my opponent bowled within that of me so he actually won the second game with a 226 (+21=247) to my 243. The bowler I bowled last week had the same thing to contend with, giving me 20 pins handicap. Now I know what that feels like.

Finally, I have been happy with my bowling as of late. I have managed back to back 700+ series and feel like my game is starting to develop. I think this is going to be a really good year and that better things are in store.

More to come…

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