The Portland Trailblazers Dream Team that almost was…

Sort of…I mean we likely would not have had Damian Lillard but if the cosmos aligned perfectly and injuries were not a factor (like they are in all pro sports) we could have had:


  • Lamarcus Aldridge Power Forward/Center
  • Greg Oden – Center
  • Brandon Roy – Shooting Guard
  • Nicolas Batum – Small Forwad/Guard
  • Damian Lillard – Point Guard


  • J.J. Hickson – Power Forward/Center
  • Wesley Matthews – Small Forward/Guard
  • Meyers Leonard – Center (he needs work but could be great in time)
  • Luke Babbitt – Small Forward
  • Nolan Smith – Point Guard
  • Elliot Williams – Shooting Guard
  • Travis Outlaw – Small Forward/Guard
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

I know that this is just fantasy and some of these things could never have happened even if Brandon and Greg’s knees didn’t betray them so early. Having said that this is my blog and a fantasy. The best team you never heard of and never was. Well, there were were a few moments when the big three stepped up and played together and when they were healthy (relative term) the were so fun to watch.

Since I am pontificating I will also say that I don’t think LA would be the player he is now if Brandon and Greg didn’t have the problems they did. He had to step up BIG TIME and be the team. He has performed above all expectations.

I also believe that Batum has really stepped up his game since getting his big contract and am really happy that Portland did not let him get away. Not only can/is a 15/5/5 (15pts./5 assists/5 boards) you get a  guy that steals and plays D like nobody’s business and not to mention block shots. A perfect role player who is young but with lots of experience in the game from years of playing Euro-ball.

I think Matthews would play off the bench for Batum because he cam be streaky but when he is on he kills the 3-ball and adds added depth to the bench. He is also not as fast as Batum or as good defensively (my opinion) which also garners him pine privileges.

I liked having Travis Outlaw coming off the bench as he was better suited to that role than a starter. I know he moved on a number of years ago but again…my blog, my rules.

There are some others out there from the last couple years that I would like to see on my dream-team but I cannot think of their names right off-hand.

If you can think of any others that you would like to mention please feel free to comment.

More to come…


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