Week 17 Bowling Update

  • (156) Mr. Pink – 171-154-138=463 (154) -2
  • (159) Ruben – 191-202-136=529 (176) +17
  • (179) Bill – (Absent Game 1)-156-179=335 (167) -8
  • (168) Tod – 158-175-202=535 (178) +10
  • (213) James – 254-243-213=710 (236) +23

This week had our intrepid heroes facing…wait, wrong script…ahem…this week our team of bowlers were trying to get a little payback for taking a shellacking in the points department last week. Turns out we have to wait until next week to get that payback. We took only 12 of 35 which is better than last week (by 1 point) but not nearly as good as we had hoped for.

We had three bright spots for the evening with Ruben, Tod and myself. Ruben started off on fire and then kind of lost his way the last game going under by 23 pins. He did however bowl lights-out the first two games which still gave him an overall +17 pins per game at the end of the night. Tod started off a little shaky but found his legs and started to run with it and by the 3rd game was well over his average, ending the night at +10 pins per game over. For my own games I tanked in the 10th frame the first 2 games and could have had 290/279 if I had struck out in the 10th frame instead of striking out in the 10th frame. 😉 I opened the 10th for all you non-bowlers out there. Splits in both cases. The final game I was sore and the steam was soon leaving my aching body and I barely managed to make average and ended the night at my 3rd 700+ series in a row and +23 pins per game over for the night.

See you next week…same bat-time, same bat-channel.

More to come…

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