Week 19 Bowling Update

This is last weeks bowling overview.

  • (158) Mr. Pink – 134-152-186=472 (157) -1
  • (159) Ruben – 167-175-163=505 (168) +9
  • (178) Bill – 187-140-178=505 (168) -10
  • (169) Tod – 180-199-148=527 (175) +6
  • (214) James – 210-246-207=663 (221) +7

Coming off of great week, Mr. Pink shows signs of slowing down and ends the night slightly under his average only making average in one game. Bill also had a rough night but only due to his second game where the wheels came off. He did manage to recover for the final game.

On the other hand Tod and I bowled above average for the night. Ruben however was the big wiener bowling over his average all three games and ending at a +9 overall.

We split with the King of Clubs, who actually count two of our (The Wrecking Crew’s) former bowlers among them. We edged with 18 points leaving KoC with 17.

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