Week 21 Bowling Update

Last week I was in St. Louis visiting some of my wife’s family (I will post pics and a details later) so was unable to bowl, however Mr. Pink graciously took over the mantle of record keeper. A fine job he made of it too.

  • (158) Mr. Pink 186-180-134=500 (166) +8
  • (160) Ruben 166-177-228=571 (190) +30
  • (165) Brian 160-246-142=548 (182) +17
  • (181) Bill 181-166-183=530 (176) -5
  • (170) Tod 224-156-177=557 (185) +15

I believe I have all the averages correct and thus the over/unders should also be correct. If that is the case the team averaged +65 for the night. That is not bad at all.

It looks like Ruben was the big man on campus for his over average every game and a whopping 30 pins over average per game. Nice bowling Ruben.

Looks like the guys took 22 out of 35 for the night which has been the best we have done since the beginning of the quarter.

Finally a couple shout-outs for some truly awesome bowling; Steve K. who had bowled a 300 last week against Tod bowled another 300 this week. Also Karl rolled his first 300 of the year and second ever third overall (Sorry). Nice bowling guys.

More to come…

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