Week 22 Bowling Update

This week begins the 4th and final quarter of our bowling league. I am both happy and sad that the season’s end is close at hand. To me it isn’t simply another year gone by, to me it is more primal. I appreciate the warmer seasons better as I get older I have notices and although Portland doesn’t ever get really cold it is often wet and when the cold does come around it feels like it gets into your bones. So the end of the season means springtime is in full swing and all sorts of outdoor activities start to happen more and more often. But I digress…let me get back to bowling.

  • (159) Mr. Pink 156-175-173=504 (168) +9
  • (162) Ruben 110-200-186=496 (165) +3
  • (181) Bill 169-193-227=589 (196) +15
  • (170) Tod 144-194-181=519 (173) +3
  • (215) James 264-202-222=688 (229) +14

As a team we were +44 will all members bowling over their average for the night. That isn’t bad. We were all pretty consistent and that is better than one or two people being streaky.

We took 25 out 35 points and have started off this quarter in a positive direction if we want a chance at the league champions bragging rights. You see, in order for us to be eligible for that honor you have to win one of the four quarters. On the final night of bowling, often called “Sweeps” night all four teams square off against each other and winner takes the league championship.

I think that is all I have to share right now. Until next time.

Oh, I almost forgot – we had another 300 rolled last night. That is the 4th in three weeks. This one was bowled by T.J., the highest average bowler in the league with a 230+. This was his 17th perfect game.

More to come…

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