Week 23 Bowling Update

  • (159) Mr. Pink – 137-134-130=401 (133) -26
  • (162) Ruben – 181-164-176=521 (173) +11
  • (181) Bill – 160-196-189=545 (181) Even
  • (171) Tod – 196-191-184=571 (190) +19
  • (216) James – 219-299-237=755 (251) +35

So the over/under for this week was a net +39 for the team. Mr. Pink struggled all night to get things moving in the right direction. sadly that wasn’t the case. Some nights are like that however and with bowling…there is always next week. On a side note; other people might have become really distraught or morose or snippy with the people around them, not Mr. Pink. He seemed more confused and troubled about his bowling but still managed to have a smile on his face and maintained his composure though what was a really tough night for him. Kudos Mr. Pink for maintaining your composure and embracing what, in my opinion, bowling is all about; camaraderie and socializing.

In other news, I bowled a 299. And before you ask, yes it was a solid ten pin that I left. By the time it came for me to throw my 12 ball my legs were really like rubber and I was just focusing on hitting my mark on the lane. I did do that but I also didn’t throw the ball with the same amount of oomph that I had rolled the previous 11 with and the ball was a little light into the pocket and there was zero chance any pins were close enough to take it out.

All in all it was pretty awesome and I am glad to see that I have some big games left in me. In fact this has been my best year in a long time. My average went up to 217 which is tied for the highest average I have ever had.

It should also be mentioned that both Ruben and Tod bowled above their averages each game and had really nice series. Tod keeps flirting with the, so far, elusive 600 series. Ruben too for that matter.

Bill hit his average the second and third games to make up for the first game to end with an even series.

We ended the night splitting 19/16 to bring our two-week total to 44/26. Five more weeks to go with a sixth week for sweeps and placement for the top four teams to go head to head.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Week 23 Bowling Update

  1. Michelle says:

    Congrats on the 299 game. And I really enjoyed the Hique(I misspelled the word). Anyways congrats.Mikki


    • Thanks. I was really psyching myself up to the point where my legs were really wobbly when I went to bowl. I guess it had been such a stretch from the last time I had “been to the show” that I let the pressure get to me.

      Regarding the Hiaku, I had been having some odd dreams about the Grinning Man and wanted to share. I might turn it into some other poem with more detail in the future.

      If you have something that you want to write and post I will be happy to do so for you. I encourage everyone who wants to write and share to do so. I just happen to have a vehicle for that that is convenient.


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