Just Stopping In To Say Hello

Lately, and more than just lately I have been only giving updates about bowling and calling that an informative blog about all the ups and downs of my life. Clearly not all the ups and downs but enough so that it paints a fairly good general overview of my world.

If I am being totally honest with you I have been dealing with some fairly heavy stuff that, I wont go into now but at some point in the near future will, has kept my mind preoccupied and not really too interested in writing a whole lot.

I also want to add that do due to these heavy things I will not be going on the Shamrock Run this year as intended even though my intent was to get one of the last 500 spots they were opening up for people like me who dragged er…drug their feet and didn’t sign up when they had the chance.

I know there aren’t many people who read my blog but for those of you who do I appreciate it and the comments you send it. I do want to be more engaged with the people who read this blog and take the time to write or like it.

This blog is cathartic, a way for me to do some writing and talk about whatever is important to me blah blah blah. You get the idea.

Enough random blathering, when I have more details to share about the heavy I will do so.

More to come…

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1 Response to Just Stopping In To Say Hello

  1. Paul says:

    Well, I know I am ready for some heavy beatdown Pixie style. I’ll see you tomorrow. Remember you got friends that have got your back, or can lend an ear if you just need to vent. L8r


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