Week 24 Bowling Update

  • (158) Mr Pink – 150-174-190=514 (171) +13
  • (162) Ruben – 185-170-147=503 (167) +5
  • (181) Bill – 160-214-177=551 (183) +2
  • (171) Tod – 162-217-181=560 (186) +15
  • (217) James – 177-159-193=529 (176) -41

The biggest story of the night is how rotten I bowled. I completely let the team down. I bowled, not just under but way under my average every game.

The first and third games we wouldn’t have won had I bowled my average but the second game we would have and had I just bowled my average the extra 123 pins added to our series total of 2743 have given us a 2866 which is what the other team bowled for their series. We could have received another 5 points from the second game and 2.5 from the series. Another 7.5 would put us at 18.5 with the other team taking 16.5. That would have been tolerable at least.

Did I mention that the second game where we lost by 9 pins, I dumped my first ball in the gutter in the tenth frame forcing me to get a strike/spare on the next ball. A feat I didn’t do if you hadn’t guessed BTW.

Another tasty morsel to chew upon, I bowled under my average by an average of 41 pins. The whole rest of the team was above their average by a total of 35. By my total fuck-all efforts I erased all the work they did and still managed to reduce the team total average by -6. That is what i call epic fail, total melt down, how the mighty have fallen, choking and whatever other analogy you can think of for stinking up the joint.

I went from having my season high series last week at 755 to my low of 529 this week. How the MIGHTY have fallen…

Ok – so not that and I have ranted about how awful I was, let me tell you how good everyone else did.

Tommy Mr Pink started off a little below average for his first game but quickly ramped up and didn’t look back, jumping 24 pins above average the second game and 32 the last. This was definitely one of Tommy’s Mr. Pink’s better nights.

In other news, Tommy Mr. Pink won his first hand of poker last night. Huh? What do I mean by that and what does it do with bowling? Well, I will tell you that we (the team) play poker each game we bowl. We each throw in a dollar and the winner takes all (each game). If you get a strike or a spare you get to grab one card. If you get to or more strikes in a row you get two cards. The best five card hand wins. We play with two jokers that are good for aces, straights and flushes but in order for you joker to be an ace you need to have an ace. You can look at 6 cards but only keep five cards.

So if I do my math correct, Mr. Pink Tommy waited 23 weeks x 3 games each night is 69 games + 2 games (I won the first game of poker). So a total of 71 before he got a win. But I am sure now that he has broken the ice he will get more before the end of the season. BTW – I am teasing Mr. Pink Tommy here because it has been such a long time since he has won a game. Last year I don’t remember there being this kind of drought for anyone. In any case – good job Mr. Pink Tommy.

Tod also bowled above average 2 of 3 games and had a fantastic 217 (+46) his second game. Actually he had the high game for our team and highest above average as well. Tod is just so quiet that I forget that he is bowling as well as he does sometimes. To be fair I was also feeling pretty self-absorbed and feeling sorry for myself and frustrated. It’s no wonder I didn’t see how well everyone was doing.

Honorable mentions; Bill had a nice 214 his second game.

We also had Ruben try a little something new on his release so he would get more hook in the ball. His education continues. He started out getting three strikes and then kind of struggles a little bit on finding his way on how to pick up spares with a bigger hook. He did manage a 185 the first game but went back to his old way of throwing for much of the rest of the night. We will take it a little at a time.

Next week is another week.

More to come…

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