Dungeons & Dragons Update – The Brothers Grimm Saga

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything about my weekly D&D game I play in on Wednesdays. That stops here and now. I don’t know if I will recap the game but maybe a high-level overview of what has been going down. I also need to point out I do not have my material in front of me so the names of my fellow comrades names will be referred to by their human controller. I really hope that made sense.

Last night our buddy Jim who has been in school for the last three years has a break from his classes for the next month so we have the pleasure of his company for the next weeks. Our company of intrepid heroes is Paul (DM), myself playing Vythrik – a Goliath War Priest, Ruben/Human (cheater) Monk – Craig/Halfling – Martial (I believe), Tommy/Elf – (bad-ass) Archer Ranger, Jim/Dragonborn – Warlock (I believe – bad-ass spell lobber). This is our cast of characters for the night.

Brief recap of overarching game; all of us and more (Linus my brother and Jennifer, Ruben’s wife) have played for the past 14 levels to ultimately bring down a trio of really evil and really powerful hags/witches, do-in a usurper of the throne of (insert country name here), restore the right and proper heirs (a brother and sister) who have been MIA for the last ten years, restore the proper use and ability of five towers that are used by the Order of Light (us) for protection of the kingdom and used to teleport between themselves, try not to get killed too badly all the while dealing with the crazy  brother of the hag/witches that goes by the name of Rumpelstiltskin. Yes, that Rumpelstiltskin. There is no love lost between he and his sisters so it’s all good…right?

2 sessions ago we were on board a dirigible belonging to a prominent house we helped out in the past acting as passengers. While we were traveling through a mountain range we were set upon by four young white dragons. The battle was fierce but ultimately we won the day but not without our own troubles. Our balloon was badly damaged during the fight and crash landed.

Our mission for last night started off as a skill challenge. We were in possession of a book the captain gave us that told of certain natural materials we could harvest that could be used to repair and fuel the balloon. With this knowledge we st off in search of these items.

We could extract sap from a rare tree that could be made into an adhesive. We could also collect a rare mushroom that we could render into either an adhesive or fuel.

Initially we found a little bit of each of these but during our searching for a cave where we thought we might uncover some more mushrooms. We got a really bad feeling about the cave of how it had been tainted with evil and that there was more than met the eye inside. Of course we went in.

Inside the cave we came across some kobolds harvesting some incandescent lichen from the walls.  Although instead of rushing in and scragging the lot of them we thought we would intimidate them into telling us what we wanted to know. Which was what they were harvesting, were their more of them, had they seen some tainted evil…you know, the standard line of questioning from the handbook we PC’s carry.

To do this we sent our only kobold speaking member up front, our dragonborn, to scare the crap out of them. It worked up to a point. He intimidated them into talking to us but not much else.

Soon all diplomacy went out the cave entrance and battle ensued. Instead of facing eight individual kobolds, we now faces 2 writhing masses of whirling kobold com-dervish. They attacked like swarms and when they did hit they knocked you prone and got wicked bonuses to do other bodily harm.

Once you did enough damage to these swarms they broke apart into their composite individual kobold miniony selves once again. Now was just the mopping up to do right…not so fast. As we killed each minion it turned into a missile of dead flesh that charged someone for one final attack. Weird.

After we did mop them up we went farther into the tunnel and came across another group of kobolds holding a line against would-be assassins (us). They were protecting a grizzled kobold holding and talking, although it looked more like caressing an orb inside of a magical or mystical circle carved upon the floor. Behind the kobolds at the far end of the cave was a shimmering wall of webbing and other worldly matter. We felt a terrible presence from behind it.

We dealt with the pesky line of minion kobolds and thanks to our (cheater) monk who by some awesome (cheater) monk skills was able to move up to the grizzled Golum impersonator and bring him closer to the rest of us so we could give him a proper beat-down without the need to bypass all his guards.

This went on for a round until his three remaining guards joined the frey and he called upon some mystical power to bring forth an ankheg to help defend him. That was fine with us, more to scrag. The battle continued a few more rounds but the kobolds could not deal with the combined offense our three strikers could dish out.

Once gone the screen of energy/force/webbing – whatever you want to call it came down to reveal and ancient white dragon ready to dish out some payback. After we all pulled our testes back from where they crawled back in we got to work. Unfortunately there was no chance for parlay or negotiation. The dragon was pissed and we were what it now saw before it.

Turns out the kobolds had somehow drugged and managed to contain the ancient worm with the help of the orb while siphoning off some of its power to make themselves stronger. Seemed like a good plan until some meddling adventurers came along and wrecking it all. I am sure they thought it would have worked out if it hadn’t been for them and their mangy dragonborn and (cheater) monk.

After the battle which lasted a good long while with several of us going through all our dailies and encounter powers to be left using just at-wills we uncovered a horde of course along with more materials to repair and fuel our balloon.

On another note I have mentioned in this posting the term (cheater) monk. Now you may be thinking I am being petty or something like that. The truth is up until last night I was kind of going down the dark path…which we knows leads to fear and fear is the…er nevermind that now. I had given Ruben a big bag of shit because he has over the last 14 levels optimized his character so that he is really a bad-ass. He has really good nads (hehe I said nads) averaging 30.66 for the four of them, is able to offset a lot of damage in total when he uses his extra monk-fu that gives him extra damage to multiples of targets at his level. Actually he does 10 points of damage to three different targets. Finally he has some crazy-good movement abilities; he can as part of an attack move his speed, attack some critters without provoking attacks of opportunity, give a beat-down to another person and teleport back with one of the enemy. Just awesome.

So in this context it is meant in a good way. I also found out that my nads weren’t really that much farther down from his and that we have other party members that had higher ones in different areas.

Everyone did really well and we had good synergy last night. Having three strikers dishing out the love and to see how much they could bring to bear was really quite frightening…in a good way.

Tommy Mr. Pink was an absolute terror with arrows, Jim played death from above as he was airborne throughout the entire encounters, Craig was able to manipulate the field of bad guys, heal, grant attacks (I believe) and higher defenses when next to him and was all around super useful while I added party buffs, healing and other abilities while near me as well. Craig and I next to one another work very well for a front line.

For the horde we each get a level 15 item of our choice. This should be fun an excruciating to pick out.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Dungeons & Dragons Update – The Brothers Grimm Saga

  1. Paul says:

    I should really write out the full story line to date. It’s pretty good reading.


    • I agree. One of the things I mist most about gaming is not keeping a journal of play. Something to go back and write a story about. The best part being the story is written for you because it is what happens every week. I think you should really do it.


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