Fear The Con 6

Very shortly I will be heading to St. Louis for Fear the Con 6 where my buddy Ruben and I will spend 2 full days (in my case) killing ‘da bad guys, and (in his case) running games so that other people can kill ‘da bad guys.

Fear the Con is brought to you by the same people who put on the Fear the Boot podcast.

The convention is local to St. Louis but has a loyal group of followers from all over, some of whom travel as far away as Australia and Japan to come and take part in it.This isn’t a large con by many standards but is growing slowly as these things do. I think we had about 200 people take part in the fun.

The Con officially starts on Friday but I will be arriving on Wednesday late afternoon. This gives me time to get my car, get to my hotel and relax. Thursday I want to drive a little around the downtown area where last year I had seen some wonderful buildings that I want to take pictures of. Thursday night is the World Wide Wing night that is really just a big mixer for all those who have arrived for the convention. The  meal and beer are covered as part of the entry fee which is a great deal. Announcements will be made and merriment will ensue.

Each of the days is broken into three blocks that will have an assortment of games to join. Each block is about 3.5 hours long which is long enough to play a fairly intense game and get to know some new people. In between each session is about half an hour to allow for restroom and food breaks.

Sunday afternoon I head back to Portland to return back to some sense of normalcy.

More to come…

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