Bowling Slump

Last week I ranted and carried on about what amounted to basically the bowling alley purposely changing their oil pattern to screw with me. I of course know that this isn’t true but was so frustrated about my crap-tacular bowling that I was looking for someone to blame. Anyone other than me.

As is the case in just about every situation of this kind it is likely to be operator error. Meaning for whatever reason I have altered my bowling and the resulting lack of awesome is now becoming ever-present.

It is a weird cosmic quinky-dink that I was going through my inbox the other day and had just received the latest electronic issue of BJI (Bowlers Journal Interactive) magazine. The link can be found here:

Can you guess what was splashed all over the cover – yep, you got it…SLUMPS. Of course this grabbed my attention right away. I quickly scanned through the pages until I got the the life jacket of knowledge that was somehow going to give me great insight into how to fix my issues that have now become an official Slump.

After I read the article, I was actually quite embarrassed about my previous rant about how good I was and how I should be able to figure the lanes out no matter what…blah, blah blah. The truth is, and not to take away from me making an excuse for my behavior, I have as of late been feeling pretty stressed about my health and quite a number of other things going on in my life and had felt that one of the things I had some measure of control over was my bowling and how I could do it well and not have to think about getting it right.

I was taking out my frustration the bowling alley. For that I apologize for my behavior. Sometimes all you can do is recognize your bad behavior, own it, apologize for it and move on. That is what I am doing now.

With that, I will conclude this article and think of some more positive material.

Thanks for putting up with my crazy from time to time.

More to come…


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