Week 26 Bowling Update

  • (159) Mr. Pink – 165-156-190=511 (170) +11
  • (163) Ruben – 206+129+158=493 (164) +1
  • (166) Brian – 209+184+158=551 (183) +17
  • (172) Tod – 157+232+172=561 (187) +15
  • (214) James – 236+204+168=608 (202) -12

We took 12.5 points this week and I can’t help but know that I attributed to our downfall. The first guys on the team each bowled above their average for a net gain of 44 pins over. Then I step up and bowl 12 pins average for a total net of +32 for the team.

I will also point out that if I have made my average just the last game we would have won another 11 points and would have had a much better showing for the night. I cannot help but feel more and more responsible that I am the reason we aren’t winning as we should be. One person should not be able to bring a team the way that I have but I keep doing it.

I now have gone 8 of 9 games in the last 3 weeks that I haven’t made my average.  Feeling pretty low. The one ray of hope is that I did make my average once and will use that for some stability to build upon for the next couple weeks going into sweep.

As for the gold ball award winner of the week I would say going to Brian. As a team the four lead bowlers made their average twice however Brian bossed with going +17 PPG. Good job Brian and good job the rest of the team as well.

Next week is another opportunity to get it right.

More to come…


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