Wealth Inequality in America – Video Link

I am breaking my unwritten/unspoken rule about not talking about politics or religion on my blog because I think there are some serious issues that need serious attention paid to them. I believe this video does an excellent job of illustrating the point very well and in a way most everyone can understand.


If you don’t believe what the video discusses I gladly am willing to discuss if you would like in a mature and professional way. Please don’t respond and call me a “Socialist Dick” or some other equally offensive name.

I posted this link because I do feel strongly that we have been moving farther and farther away from the ideals that we as Americans have always held in high regard which is if you work hard and invest wisely and spend shrewdly you can obtain the “American Dream.” So many people, most people we don’t know or likely will not even read this posting or have the faintest idea that people are concerned about them or their welfare will never get the chance to achieve close to the American Dream. For them it is the American Nightmare.

Before I get to carried away with myself I dilute the message the video brings with my rants I will cut this short. I hope you can appreciate the context in which this video was made if not appreciate it.

More to come…

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