Week 27 Bowling Update


After three very frustrating weeks I managed to bowl well. I really focused on the mechanics of my game and learned what I was doing wrong the previous weeks. Funny how one thing wrong can turn your whole game upside down. In my case I had a week where I was able to really get a lot of hook on the ball and I wrongly equated that with power and power meant it was O.K. to muscle the ball. When I muscle the ball I drop my shoulder and don’t come out of the ball clean and that would maybe push the ball outside or just give me a funny read on the lane. That was the spiral I took.

As I mentioned I worked on the mechanics; this meant that I concentrated on one thing at a time and once I figured I had done that properly I would move on to the next aspect of my approach and address it. The first thing was hitting my mark on the lane, once I was able to make sure that was consistent I moved onto ball release. For this I made sure that I didn’t muscle the ball causing a train wreck to follow. Once I was making sure to release the ball on my mark and kept my balance (muscling the ball for me causing me to be have an erratic ball release throwing off my balance. I end up facing 90 degrees clockwise from the pins sometimes. That should always be my first sign that I am muscling the ball. One thing to think about, for me, was to keep my shoulders squared-up above my hips during release. This keeps me facing the pins and allows me to get the power that I want to penetrate the pins with. Finally once I had all those things working I was able to work on where to release the ball to get the hooking/power. Not where I aimed at on the lane but where I released the ball in accordance with the foul line. If I release the ball after the foul line I shove or push the ball some and get hook/turn on the ball. If I release the ball right at the foul line and follow through clean I get more than enough hook on the ball so that when it comes out of the oil it is driving into the pins.

All this is to say that I had a plan in mind to figure out my issues and it worked. It wasn’t easy and I was still nervous but am more confidant going into the final weeks of the season. In fact, next week is the quarter finally and the week after is our sweeps night. Sweeps is where all the 1st place teams go head-to-head-to-head-to-head while everyone including them bowl singles and pairs for money.

<– One to the scores –>

  • (160) Mr. Pink – 192-164-143=499 (166) +6
  • (163) Ruben – 157-128-123=408 (136) -27
  • (181) Bill – 191-210-204=605 (201) +20
  • (173) Tod – 201-204-165=570 (190) +17
  • (214) James – 216-235-243=694 (231) +17

Overall this was a good night. The exception and rare one at that was Ruben who struggled to find his game all night.

As a team we were +33 over average. We managed to take only 13.5 points however. We missed taking total pins and the 5 points that comes with it by 3 pins. Our total was 2827 and our opponents was 2829. That is about as close as I have seen a series before. Unfortunately we came out on the short end of this one.

This was the team with the league secretary on it and his family – the Hanels. They are a fun and easy-going bunch to bowl and I was happy to roll off against them one more time. Something I must interject here – their anchor bowler Casey was running a little late to the alley because of work and instead of bowling through to the 4th frame and having him forfeit his first game we waited a couple of minutes and let him get caught up. So….without practice he rolled a 269 against me the first game. We could have had him lose the first game but oh no we had to be cool 🙂 and let him bowl. I am kidding of course. I was happy to do it for Casey and am not sorry he crushed me the first game. In fact, after his 7th strike in a row I was hoping he would get his 300.

I would say kudos are good for everyone this week with the exception of Ruben who had the wheels fall off his game. I think at this point we need to work on his mental toughness because he gave up on trying last night and there wasn’t anything I could say to bring him out of his funk. We have all been there and Ruben is new to bowling so we cut him some slack and have another thing to work on. This usually happens when we are driving home and we talk about the game and how we deal with the elements that the lanes throw at us or what we throw at ourselves.

I think that is it for now.

More to come…

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