Week 28 Bowling Update

Well folks, it is that time of year again when we hang up the shiny shoes and put the 14 pounders away. I am indeed talking about the last night of regular position round bowling. All there is left is the sweeps night next week where everyone is out for themselves and their partners in a free for all mele. That and the four teams that took 1st place in any quarter get to fight it out amongst themselves for bragging rights.

  • (160) Mr. Pink – 162-203-124=489 (163) +3
  • (162) Ruben – 171-131-163=465 (155) -7
  • (182) Bill – Absent
  • (173) Tod – 160-190-171=521 (173) Even
  • (214) James – 237-220-225=682 (227) +13

We split the night up 17/18 with one of my favorite teams, 50+. This has the league president on it plus a number of other guys who we have enjoyed bowling with for more than a decade.

For the quarter I believe we are in the cellar at about 17th place out of 20 maybe. This does certainly give us something to work towards next year. We have a good team of dedicated bowlers whom I enjoy bowling with. Over the years The Wrecking Crew has seen a lot of turnover. We have probably had 20 different guys bowl with us over the past decade, maybe more. I think I need to do some digging and come up with each years roster and find out what that firm number is.

I think the big wiener for last night’s bowling would have to be me; I bowled above my average each game and was +13 per game.

Mr. Pink did bowl above his average twice and well above it the second game but the wheels came off the cart the last game and he bowled under his average as he did above it the second game.

Ruben hit his average twice but just barely and the one game he didn’t make his average it was enough to bring his overall to a “-“.

Tod made his average once, and was close on the other two games, ending the night even.

Bill unfortunately was not able to make it last night but his absence was unexpected and therefore were not able to get a substitute in to bowl in his place.

Next week is the final night of bowling. The following week we will arrive to get our payouts for our placements and sweeps. Afterwards we will head out for a steak dinner with the guys.

Wish us all luck!

More to come…

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