2012-2013 Bowling Season Has Ended

As all good things must come to an end, so must my 2012-2013 bowling season. Last night was sweeps and the last league bowling we will have until September. It is a little bitter-sweet as I truly do love bowling however the end of the season means that spring is well under way and soon to follow…summer.

I look forward to summertime more than any other season in Portland. It is unimaginably beautiful, with all the rain we get throughout the year everything is lush and green, plus there is so much to do outside. Disc Golf, fishing, camping, hiking, driving with the rag-top down, BBQ’ing and staying out later with the increased daylight.

Mr. Pink, Ruben and I overall did pretty good but Bill who had no practice and Tod did not fare so well. Better luck next year. If I am feeling energetic I will give some detail and how we all did with the sweeps pool. I think there is an opportunity to make some money, especially for Ruben who crowed on and on how he has never won any money during sweeps and that is what a big scheme designed specifically against him and bowlers like him…whatever that means. šŸ™‚

More to come…


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