Bucket List

I think that as I grow older I embrace my mortality with more of my life behind me than in front. I am not saddened by this, on the contrary, I think it has given me perspective on some of the more important things I want to do or do more of.

Bucket List – Urban Dictionary describes it as “A list of things to do before you die.  Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

For a little while now I have been thinking about my Bucket List. To that end I have compiled 51 things that as of now, comprise my own BL. These are in no particular order or importance. This list is also subject to change as I accomplish things are change them up. I think I will write a single post for every thing that accomplish on my list and update you.

If you have any comments, insights or thoughts, please feel free to write and share them.

Without further ado…here is my Bucket List:

1. write a song

2. learn to play the guitar

3. learn to sing

4. play/sing the song I wrote to my wife

5. write and get published many books and poems

a. fantasy/alternate/contemporary

b. zombie

c. children’s – fairies – Silver Myst

6. open a gaming store

7. create gaming material full-time

8. make enough money that my wife can work part-time if at all and be able to make enough money to still vacation and save for early retirement

9. skydive (possibly – back issues)

10. bungee jump (possibly – back issues)

11. average 225 for 1 bowling league

12. get over fear of flying

13. get over fear of ocean/sharks – enjoy snorkeling

14. visit every state in the union

15. do stand-up comedy/open mic night

16. reconcile with an old friend

17. write an app for phone

18. get lean

19. be nicer to people

20. learn to be a better communicator

21. be better at follow-through

22. relearn calligraphy/crow quill specifically

23. learn to use watercolors

24. take more ballroom dance – waltz – cha-cha – others

25. learn to kayak

26. kayak more often

27. fish more often  – 061513 – North Fork Reservoir

28. take more pictures

29. learn Spanish

30. learn German

31. learn Russian

32. learn to be credible with accents

33. do voice-over work and get paid for it

34. plan more trips and activities with my wife

35. lose my cynicism

36. trust people more

37. volunteer to help

a. elderly

b. homeless

c. sick children

d. injured

38. don’t be afraid to hug a friend

39. don’t be afraid to hug a stranger

40. break the law (a little bit – get into a little trouble – don’t be so good/nice)

41. support a cause(s)

42. don’t hold grudges

43. be closer to my family

44. be more accessible to my family

45. get involved with geocaching

46. hike the Appalachian Trail

47. go skinny dipping

48. have sex in a public place

49. de-clutter my life

50. tell your loved ones you love them before you can’t

51. don’t be afraid of failure

More to come…

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1 Response to Bucket List

  1. Paul says:

    Nice list. I haven’t seen one of these that had as many self-improvement activities. I will have to think about mine and share it at a later point. I know that one of my Bucket list items that I’ve scratched off was to walk on the Great Wall of China. I have similar ones for Egyptian Pyramids, Greek Acropolis, Roman coliseum, see a Roman Aqueduct, Ride a Gondela in Venice, see the leaning tower of Pisa, etc. There are many places and wonders in this world i would like to see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Having been some exotic places already, I can know that every place you go has it’s own aura that you can only experience by being there. Probably most of my list would be comprised of that type of thing.


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