Bucket List ~UPDATE~ #27 fish more often

In keeping honest with myself and fulfilling items on my bucket-list I will be going fishing tomorrow (in the wee hours of the morning) – that’s #27 on my list.

My buddy Ruben and I will be going to North Fork Reservoir which is located on the Clackamas River in Promotory Park off Highway 224, between 40-45 miles from where I live.

There are a number of species of trout that are available to catch but only hatchery rainbows can be kept I believe is what the regs. said.

I have a couple of links to pages that either describe or show pictures of where we are going.

Best Fishing in America.com

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Google Images of North Fork Reservoir

I will post pictures when I can of the excursion.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Bucket List ~UPDATE~ #27 fish more often

  1. Annette says:

    Catching, cooking and then eating a fish is on my bucket list. I think I’ve done all all separate times, but never the same!


    • Annette,

      It is a rare thing for me to do all three too. In this case I actually only did the first one, catch. I gave mine to my buddy Ruben and he cleaned both fish where he served them up. I guess he actually fulfilled your bucket list item.

      Thank you for the reply. Good luck with your bucket list. I look forward to hearing about your progress.




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