Watercolor Painting – Bucket List #23

For a while now I have been intrigued by watercolor paintings. Not only for their beauty from a casual observer perspective but from a technical standpoint from taking 14 years of various art mediums/courses, classes.

I don’t want this to sound like I am an expert at anything at all here. I am most certainly not.  I am merely pointing out that I have always loved art and the ways in which it is created, having invested much free time to it over the years. Most of which were classes from elementary school all the way through highschool. I also enrolled in the Art Instruction School…once upon a time. This is the same school that Charles Schultz, of Peanuts fame, attended BTW.

I have worked in the following mediums, including the very basic ones we all have used at one time or another:

  • pencil
  • colored pencil
  • crayon
  • crow quill pen & ink (my favorite medium)
  • clay
  • oil paint
  • acrylic paint
  • watercolor (the old kind that used hard round brick of compressed powder stuff you dribbled water on)
  • clay
  • photograph
  • digital
  • leather
  • wood
  • gimp (the stuff you make key chains out of at the park during summer vacation)
  • popsicle sticks
  • papier-mache
  • felt
  • colored paper
  • beans
  • macaroni
  • linoleum block printing
  • silk screening

I  think I will leave the list as it is now…cuz my brain hurts.

While I was trolling the interweb for some interesting watercolor web sites I came across this one that gives basic free lessons. The site is called, and aptly named, Watercolorpainting.com. I have looked through some of their Free Lessons and am eager to try them when I have some paint and paper in front of me.

If you have some interest in writing me to talk about your favorite art mediums or have a website you want me to check out or you have a scanned image of something you did and would like for me to post, I will totally do that. In fact I will be scanning and posting some of the pieces I did many years ago.

In case any of you are keeping track, this is item #23 on my bucket list.

Don’t be a stranger. Write me.

More to come…

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6 Responses to Watercolor Painting – Bucket List #23

  1. Paul says:

    Art is fun. Hobbies in general are fun. I am not, however, artistic. I find it is much easier to accept certain failings of ability, and focus on the things that you can leverage. I have been told that I am artistic, but I think they confuse the generation of pretty things with artistic ability. I have thus fooled many people into thinking I am artisitic.
    How do I do it? I have a good sense of process. The ability to learn and follow a process in order to achieve an end result allows non-artistic people a chance to feel artistic. I have learned to paint miniatures, make stained glass, do woodworking and cabinetry, etc. I can’t free form carve, but I can build a beautifulchest of drawers or bed. I can paint a picture on a blank canvas, but can put a very realistic paintjob on a miniature game piece. I can not sculpt, but I can build fairly elaborate 3D structures out of stained glass. These endeavors are very process driven. If you know the steps, you can layout a step by step process to achieve an end result. You don’t necessarily need imagine something in your head and then translate it into hand motions and recreate it on canvas. Most of my projects/hobbies/creative endeavors begin with plan, and a worked out schedule of how tos. I will give myself credit for one artistic skill. I do have a pretty good sense of color, and what works and is attractive. It’s very important in any artistic task.


  2. Art is fun, I totally agree and like any skill or ability it needs to be nurtured and honed. On a sort of weird tangent is that the difference between technical skill to create something, say like a stain-glass lamp vs. a painting is that your lamp to be considered a success needs to be functional, your painting works when it is complete. Determining when “complete” happens is really up to the painter and since art is subjective you have never failed to create, the very act of creating is the success.

    I will be breaking out some very nice watercolor paint that actually comes in a tube and trying my hand at a bunch of basic techniques that I read on watercolorpainting.com. Once I get a feel for technique I will try my hand at actually painting an actual picture. I was thinking of incorporating some crow quill embellishments in the painting to combine the two mediums to see how they look sharing the same canvas together. It might be a steaming pile of fail or it might just be awesome.

    There are of course many things I have to complete before I have space available to paint like say get the garage and office space in working order. 😉 That will happen in short order and then I will get started.

    Thanks for writing. I hope my reply was not too long winded or that I hi-jacked the conversation into yet another thing I can make about myself.



  3. Corrine Altalabani says:

    Wow I didn’t know u did all that. Coming will be fine, I would love 2 see a friendly face. On the 4th Dave says he has a bar-b-Que, but I will let him know when he gets home. LI’ve your sister corrie


  4. Ymmot says:

    I can not wait to see some of your art. I think I have seen some of them in the past, but as we get older my mind is going and I really don’t remember what they looked like. Way to go James



    • Thanks for the encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

      It has been a while since I have picked up any sort of implement aside from a painting brush for miniatures and even that has been more than a year and to be honest I am a little terrified, mostly excited but a little terrified at the idea of jumping back into a new medium, especially a new one.
      I will post pictures when I have some new material to show but in the mean time I will be posting some of my older material.


    • Thanks for the reply…and sorry for the delay in getting back to you Ymmot or should that be Kniprm? 😉

      I actually through some of my drawings from 20-30 years ago when I was enrolled in The Art Instruction School. I will post some of those as well as some of my random sketches. Whichever ones I I am fondest of.




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