Gaming – Old School Style

As some of you know, I consider myself an avid gamer, not a computer gamer or board game er-uh…gamer but an old school gamer. I do all of these things true, but my true love is RPG (Role Playing Game) gaming – or table-top gaming – specifically Dungeons & Dragons. I know that board games probably outstrip RPG’s by at least a generation but I think the term “gamer” was coined after Gary Gygax and company brought RPG’s to the front of people’s minds, shortly thereafter people openly identified with being a “gamer.”

Ever since I bought the original Monster Manual and original 6×9 white box at a garage sale (I purchased both items for $10) in something like ’81 or ’82 I was hooked.  The cover of the MM was right up my alley, especially the centaur and the purple worm.

This stimuli came at a formative time in my life where I was very susceptible or impressionable or both to new and exciting things, which this certainly was. I remember seeing semi-naked women within the covers of this book and thought I was getting away with something just by reading it. I imagine my love of fantasy novels to this day in some small part stems from my falling in love with the images and fantasy world that sprang to mind while I was reading the details of each and every monster contained within the pages.

Since that day more than 30 years ago I have been hooked. Over the decades (OMG – has it really been that long?) I have played in many games, campaigns, campaign settings, played with many people, played at many different homes and played many characters. I will not forget to say that I also made a ton of friends.

My current Wednesday night game has two games currently running where the DM’s alternate running each week so as not to burn them out. One is running an Eberron game and the other is a home-brew loosely based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.

The picture below is that of a final battle between the powers of good (us – represented by the small miniatures) and the forces of darkness (them – represented by the large miniatures). We were duking it out with a titan, two ice giants and some cheater lesser baddies that I don’t recall much about aside from their cheater-ness.

Let the battle begin

Let the battle begin

The layout of the battle was that the titan and frost giants were encased in ice like maybe they were trapped – hey it could happen – and we were their to remove the taint that had befallen the ice palace we were now in. The palace had been built near one of the towers we are systematically restoring to their former glory. The smaller cheater denizens were spawned from the statues and bearskin rugs that were portals to another plane of evil badness.

After a significant battle with them and traps getting triggered on the floor were finally freed the titan and giants just to find out that they too had it in for us. Some undetermined time later we finally defeated the enemies and restored the tower to its proper state.

If you guys are interested in me posting more about either of the two games I am in or want more pictures or want to know about the characters we are playing let me know. If you want to talk about games you are in let me know that too. I love to talk about gaming almost as much as I love playing.

More to come…

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  1. Paul B says:

    Nice synopsis. Photos of combat were a cool touch.


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