Whalen Island

Greetings to all of you out there in the interwebs, reading from your desktops, PC’s Macs, and portable devices aplenty. Not sure where that came from, I just felt like saying it.

This last weekend my wife and I went to Whalen Island. We joined my wife’s parents who went up a couple of days ahead of our Friday arrival where we stayed until Monday relaxing and enjoying each others company. Here are a few pics:

Randon Pic #1

Randon Pic #1

Skyward view from hike

Skyward view from hike

We like the moon

We like the moon

One of the reasons we decided to go camping was because my wife belongs in a band (shameless plug here – Power Pep Band) that had gigs in both Tillamook and Sheridan. Usually these  two events are a week apart but for some reason they were on the say day this year so we decided to make a weekend out of it and get a way from the big city for a while. If you can call Portland a big city.

While we were camping we enjoyed some great weather on Friday and Saturday and then the clouds and rain inevitably crashed the party. Almost all of Sunday and the part of Monday that we were there was off and on rain and during the night massive wind joined the fray to add a little more specialness to the experience. Fortunately we are familiar with this sort of thing and are prepared for all the elements and brought a gazebo to keep our table/cooking/food prep/eating area relatively dry.

Whalen Island is peaceful for the most part and is set against the backdrop of the nearby ocean on one side and mountains on the other. The bay fills and empties as the tide is high or low. During low-tide many people were seen digging for clams. While the tide is high people are fishing and kayaking.

Overlooking the ocean near Whalen Island on an overcast day

Overlooking the ocean near Whalen Island on an overcast day

We did make our way to one of the local trail heads for an enjoyable hike with the doggies. We walked maybe a mile in one direction then returned. The perspective while on the trail-head that overlooked the ocean was obscured by the low-lying clouds. You could hear it and taste the salt in the air, just could not see it.

Snail found on trail during hike

Snail found on trail during hike

I only managed a few pics of wild life this time out. We heard and saw MANY crows who often were the first things awake in the morning and felt was their duty to wake everyone with their terrible annoying crow speak. Blue Herons

Snail took up residence on the tarp we used to cover our wood

Snail took up residence on the tarp we used to cover our wood

were an often enough site and my parents in law said they did see a bald eagle. My contribution pictured was a couple of snails.

As I mentioned earlier, we had good weather for a couple of days and then lots of wind and rain for the duration of our time there. On Monday morning once all of us were awake and waiting for coffee to boil we all talked about what it sounded like was happening during the night. The answers we came up with were people were rifling through our stuff, zombies were attacking, a bear was rifling through our stuff and I forget the fourth thing. It was pretty funny that we each had something different and pretty far from each others guess. It was good for a laugh.

Have you ever heard of people talking about their in-laws, specifically their mother-in-law? Thought so. I readily admit that I enjoy hanging out with my wife’s parents, they are super smart, funny, relevant, engaged and active listeners, give a shit about what is going on with you, swear when they feel necessary, drink beer, offer sage comments and advice when asked and are just genuinely awesome humans. The list goes on but I will stop there.

I feel truly blessed that I have them in my life and when we spend time together, especially when we go camping. Everyone has their role and everyone pitches in so not all the work is being handled by one or a few people. They truly make the camping experience a unique and wonderful one I look forward to every time.

I digressed there for a moment. Moving on. Whalen Island is a great place to go and if you have the chance you should get out there sometime. Invite your parents-in-law. They might surprise you by being people not just someone to deal with a couple of times a year.

For breakfast on Sunday we had home-made biscuits and gravy and fried potatoes and the last day we had home-made pancakes and bacon which were pretty awesome.

Finally, on our way home we did stop off at the Tillamook Cheese factory for some cheese samples and yes, including the infamous squeaky-cheese.

More to come…

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