Wednesday Night Gaming – Eberron Style

Last week we played in our alternate campaign setting – Eberron. One of my all time favorite settings created for WOTC, although technically it would be Hasbro, by Keith Baker, whom I have had the pleasure of gaming with. We can talk more about Keith Later, for now, the game awaits.

In this, the second of two games we alternate playing on Wednesdays, we are a band of hardy adventurers within the world of Eberron, where everything is magic, well, practically everything is. It has fancy airships, a railway system and floating towers all done with magic.

There are other planes of being that also exist simultaneously that sometimes come into contact with Eberron. When this happens it creates a coterminous zone – an area where both realities work at the same time, each contributing their own unique properties to the afflicted area. Imagine a daub of red paint on a palette and a daub of blue on the same palette. Both exist simultaneously and uniquely different on the same palette. If you shift the palette and one daub, say the red one, merges with the blue, you have a coterminous zone. Where red and blue meet you have purple but the bulk of each daub is still itself and retains its properties i.e. red and blue. If they continue to mix together and the more of each mix the less and less there are of each unique daub and this new one, purple, is created.

In another more simple way of explaining coterminous zones would be to give the example of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Everyone remembers the commercials, “Hey, your chocolate bar is in my peanut butter.” “Well, you’re peanut butter is all over my chocolate.” That is an example of a delicious coterminous zone. Most all other zones are not like that.

This is now what we are dealing with, generally speaking. Preventing all the other “daubs” from mixing with ours and separating them once they have, which is more often the case. We have recently proven ourselves adept at handling such matters and have been inducted into an organization called “The Dark Lanterns” who themselves are an organization that deals with such matters, among others.

In our last gaming session we have been sent to investigate some relics that have runes and writing all over it in the tongue of giant. Giant is a very old language…and a extinct one. Giants lived on another continent called Xen’drik. Far from our own continent over vast seas. That is where we must go to seek answers.

To complete our quest we must travel by ship, driven by elementals bound to the boat or more precisely, it’s four blades, sort of like an outrigger, made to sail above the water at much higher speeds than traditional sailing vessels. Apparently no airships could be wrangled for our purposes. Its only the fate of Eberron for Sovereign Hosts sake!

After several days of travel we have found ourselves amongst an iceberg field. Not like this is something we expected. We knew something not so good was about to happen, something that had the power to either control weather or conjure icebergs or both and we were stuck right dab in the middle of it.

Ice Dagger Swarms and Ice Mephits

Ice Dagger Swarms and Ice Mephits

Soon the weather started kicking in and swirls of ice-daggers started forming right in front of our eyes. As if things weren’t bad enough with killer weather, we were visited by what were later identified as Ice Mephits (cheater critters for you Paul). The blue dice represent the swarms, the mephits are the winged creatures on the outside edge of the map and all the squares and rectangles on the outside of the map are the icebergs. The main platform with cabin is our boat for this journey.

Dealing with swarms can by a little difficult for some of us because swarms take only half damage for ranges and melee attacks but bursts and blasts they are vulnerable to and take an extra 5-10 pts.

Kalimari Anyone?

Giant Ice Squid

As we were dealing with our current situation the water around the boat started to churn and boil. Something big was making its way to the surface. The only thing is, what was it. Something big enough to cause such a stir on the surface of the water. We didn’t have to wait long as it tentacles and part of its body emerged from the water to wreak havoc among my companions and myself. Our fears were confirmed by a giant translucent blue ice squid from the deepest depths.

As if things could not get worse, the squid not only attacked us on the boat but it attacked the boat itself. On the first attack against it (natural 20) it grabbed hold of the ship, wrapped its tentacles around it a gave a tremendous squeeze, splintering timbers and giving us cause to worry for our boat more than ourselves. If it failed us and sank we would be all but done for.

The battle against the ice-mephits with ice squid in background.

The battle against the ice-mephits with ice squid in background.

This gave us renewed strength and purpose. We decided to focus on getting rid of the swarms and mephits first, then to work on the ornery cephalopod en masse. This was a gamble as we had to let the squid do more harm to our ship before meting out its punishments.

The tide of battle turns as we render this creature limb from limb

The tide of battle turns as we render this creature limb from limb

After dispatching the swarms and mephits, we waded into the squid with a sense of desperation which gave way to tremendous feats of strength. During the battle a couple of us struck such mighty blows at to render whole arms from the body of the beast. I G’Crok mighty Dragonborne Barbarian took two arms and one of my companions took one of the tentacles.

The Dark Lanterns triumph over the gaint "cheater" ice-squid that conjurs iceburgs

The Dark Lanterns triumph over the giant “cheater” ice-squid that conjures icebergs

The beast was not finished by along shot even after having two arms and a tentacle removed and continued its frenzied assault upon our ship and persons. In the end through the combined efforts “The Dark Lanterns” triumphed without a casualty among us. As the beast slowly slid from the deck of our vessel below to its watery grave the icebergs slowly disappeared, the power that conjured them being eliminated.

Sadly I have forgotten most of my party’s names, races and classes…but here (soon to come) is a picture of them all the same. I will update the information once I have obtained it.

Finally I would like to give some kudos to our DM of the evening – Ruben who created the dreadlock-tentacle squid. All kidding aside it was an AWESOME prop and one that we could cut apart and bloody as those times arose. Nice job Ruben.

More to come…

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  1. Ymmot says:

    That looks really cool. I am impressed.


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