Wednesday Night Gaming – Terralon

Last night we were once again in Paul’s game. The overview for those of you not in the know; we are 16th level and our goal is to restore the rightful ruler(s) to the land. Along the way we have to crush a few skulls, wench when we can, drink whenever possible and generally speaking be our bad-ass (character) selves.

Our last encounter with the Nixie of the Mill Pond went pretty well even though a couple of us did get turned into giant frogs and we were given a pretty serious beat-down. We at least we triumphed and having collected a few pieces of treasure and gathering up the medallion for Rumpelstiltskin we were on our merry own way again. As promised ‘ol Rumpel showed up to collect his due…and to impart some knowledge. Not that Kord is big into knowledge and thus Vythrik isn’t, I paid attention with half an ear. He mentioned that about a weeks journey through a really horrible forest an estate can be found and within it one of the evil hags/witches. Did I mention that these hag/witches are his sisters and that the estate is where he grew up? They aren’t very close and his doesn’t seem to miss the place.

After the exchange of medallion for intel took place we were on our way to finally be rid of one of the hags for good and all. This would be helpful in so many ways; there would be one fewer hags to fight later on, one less hag to spread poison and her very special brand of specialness amongst the common folk and it would really piss of the other two sister hag witches.

Before we move further on I wanted to share with you what we snacked upon before our main course of chili-dogs were had.

Gaming Snacks - Pre-game warm-up

Gaming Snacks – Pre-game warm-up

As you can make out we had sushi, carrot sticks, grapes, pineapple sticks, watermelon sticks, pistachios and at the edge of the screen you can just make out a container with rice kryspi treats. There was also candy corn brought out and mini Reese’s peanut butter cups available.

Once we started in earnest to cover some ground about a day or so into our travels we entered the horrible forest described to us by Rumpelstiltskin. He wasn’t kidding, it was creepy. Not that I Vythrik, favored by Kord would ever acknowledge such a thing and certainly not ever show it if he did.

Open scene from Treant Battle

Open scene from Treant Battle

It seemed as if eyes were always upon us, for good reason too. As it turns out a couple of Treants were watching us. Once we had noticed them and they “knew” we had noticed them, they opened their eyes to reveal bright red glowing eyes indicative of the taint that has so often infected man and beast whenever these foul creatures are around, evidence of their handiwork. At this point the battle between good and evil had once again begun its dance.

Before anyone could do anything the Treants called upon some friends of theirs to aid in our defeat in the form of little twig-folk. They were nasty little buggers and were able to get one last attack in once they were dispatched. It means our monk who doubles as a minion killer took somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 points damage before he got to even act in the first round as we were surprised…sort of.

Twig creatures summoned by the Treants

Twig creatures summoned by the Treants

Here is how the battle laid out from the beginning. As you can see there was plenty of the creatures for us to deal with. As the twig creatures were only minions were were able to clear them out pretty quickly – glass cannons I once heard them called – but they were able to give as good as they got, giving Ruben several parting shots on their way out.

The battle raged back and forth for a couple rounds until the Treants finally joined the fray. Once they were in it we had real issues. The treants were able to do some sort of stomp attack that allowed them to attack everyone whose square on the map they passed through. That wasn’t without it’s drawbacks for them though as we were able to get opportunity attacks against them as they moved through our squares. Often 3 of the 4 of us were hitting doing about 70 pts. of damage each time it did that.

To make matters more challenging for us, two more creatures joined the massive melee against us. Of course I forget their names but they were not minions and were able to stick around in the fight for a little while causing mayhem for team Kord’s favorites.

Treant battle in final rounds

Treant battle in final rounds

After all the small creatures were dispatched and we were able to focus-fire on the treants we were able to bring them down, although not quickly, all the same.

After we cleared the treants and family away and as we were policing the area for lost goodies or whatever we found a pentagram on one of the trees, tainting it and it’s inhabitants to fight for the hag/witches.

We knew there was likely to be more of the same ahead of us and wanted to eliminate it as soon as we could so after only a short rest to heal ourselves a bit we set out again towards Rumpelstiltskin’s childhood home and with any luck one of his sisters. Did I ever mention their is no love lost between them?

Eventually in another part of the verdant forest we came across an odd sight, a seemingly dead tree in the middle if the road. Not fallen down but upright like it was planted and pseudo-living there.

Dead monster tree thing and three dryads

Dead monster tree thing and three dryads

As we approached we entered into its aura. At this point we knew it was hostile and set out to make firewood for the night’s fire. It had other plans and also called for aid…in the form of three dryads.

As you can see the dead-tree creature has already been marked, indicated by the ring around its head/trunk. You can also see our ranger in the rear away from melee, our monk in front of him preparing to do some fancy footwork culminating in some devastating attack. In front of the monk, to either side are our dragon-borne rogue and Kord right-hand man Vythrik. In the middle of all the action is Alvo, our halfling defender moving into position for the upcoming battle.

As the battle raged on the dryads were sneaky and ensnared several of us within wooden cages they conjured to help waylay us so they could pick us apart one-by-one. Not on our watch sisters. We were able to teleport or escape the cages in various ways so they they only momentarily hindered us and soon we were taking the fight back to them.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream for us however as the dryads were able to teleport or tree-walk from place to place without hindrance, much to my chagrin. Sneaky woodland creatures aught to stay put when Vythrik is giving them a beat-down! I am actually the main healer of the party but I do have a taste for combat. Once the dryads discovered how terribly effective our ranger was at archery they decided to take away that advantage and all group around him. It didn’t matter a ton as he was able to withstand some opportunity attacks and the rest of us were able to get to him/them in short order and finish off the last of these tainted and twisted woodland critters.

I will leave you with a couple shots from Vythrik perspective.

Tainted Dead tree

Tainted Dead tree

Twisted evil dryads

Twisted evil dryads

The last thing we hear before the night’s activities end is a howl, not just any howl. Similar to a howl that left chills down my spine and by the grace of Kord I am able to withstand. It was an “OOoooooowww” sound that was all to familiar. In fact we slew a mighty creature early on that made the very same sound, just not as loud or ferocious sounding. I believe it was the big bad wolf that swallowed me whole before. Gonna try to not do a repeat performance.

More to come…

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1 Response to Wednesday Night Gaming – Terralon

  1. Paul B says:

    Alar, the Elven ranger
    Addrick, the Human Monk
    Alvin, the Gnome sword age
    Rogar, the Dragonborn sorcerer
    Vythric, the Goliath Cleric

    Sometimes joined by:
    Mardesh, the Deva Wizard
    Freja, the Human Beastmaster Ranger

    Thought a list of names and classes would help you out. Next time we add nicknames.


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