Wednesday Night Gaming – Terralon – Character Update

Terralon Crew

Terralon Crew

I think I needed to fully introduce you to the Terralon group now for two reasons; one, my mind is often like Swiss cheese and things seems to fall out the holes and two, our DM reminded me of everyone’s names, race and class.

I also want to point out that all the miniatures were painted by our very own DM who in addition to being a rat-bastard of an awesome mini-painter (jealous monster creeping up), he also did the lead edged glass squares that the mini’s are mounted on. A very resourceful and creative individual.

Without further ado:

Alar, the Elven Ranger
Addrick, the Human Monk
Alvo, the Gnome Sword Mage
Rhogar, the Dragonborne Sorcerer
Vythrik, the Goliath War Priest – Right Hand of Kord on this Plain – All Around Good Guy and Party Animal

Sometimes joined by:
Mardesh, the Deva Wizard (Not Pictured)
Freja, the Human Beastmaster Ranger (Not Pictured)

I hope this helps both me and you in the future when I describe what has happened during the game before.

If anyone has any questions about the character or the story I am more than happy to answer them.

More to come…

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