What Does it Mean to Grow Up?

When I grow up I am going to be – fill in the blank

Ever get thoughts of being a pirate and getting to say things like “Walk the Plank”

Doctors, nurses, fireman and the like all take up space

Among the many careers to choose from while entering the rat race

I have been thinking on this lately, really trying to figure it out

It’s frustrating not really knowing that I just want to shout

Let me be who I am and do what I want even if it is child-like at times

I am responsible when I need to be, love my family and friends, don’t commit any crimes

I hold down a job so I can “pay the bills”

As I get older I take more and more pills

For things like asthma, allergies and joint pain

Vitamins, minerals, exorcise and diet really are the main

Older and crankier, just existing through time

I want to take back what I consider to be mine

How I address another’s idea of growing up is not really in my agenda

I plan to live my own on my terms, I aint no pretenda

So choosing to play and have fun, laugh and be silly

Suits me fine like a summer time dress on my wife, all colorful and frilly

To me to be a grown up doesn’t mean giving up on fun

Arh me hardies – Live life to the fullest, be that pirate and drink of the rum

Be a mermaid, a ballerina, walk on the moon – who cares

As long as you have passion and not running scared

You too can take life by the balls and give a squeeze

Until it yields unto to you and says ” STOP, PLEASE!”

You see, life and growing up are what you make of them

It can be sour like a lemon or beautiful like a gem

Enjoy it, live it to it’s fullest – unashamed

If you don’t, there is only you to blame

To growing up, I say never, no, uh-uh, not going to do it

Like the honey badger on youtube, I just don’t give a sh*t

I prefer to stay as I am, being happy and playing games

With my head held high, I am not ashamed

So, to everyone who says to me, “Just Grow Up”

I say to them, “No thanks, been there, done that, leave me alone little pup”

Although there are times when I really feel worn down

As though I was in a rodeo as the sad-faced clown

Always running and jumping and hiding from the massive beast out for my blood

All I can do it seems like is to roll up my pants and wait for the flood

That seems like it is just around the corner

To come upon me all crazy, like it were some kind of acrobatic barn-stormer

It has a way of trying to catch me unawares – seeking to create a little mischief

Like to push me off a really high cliff

But as long as my eyes are wide open

Whatever life throws at me I keep hopin’

That it never breaks me down enough so I can’t move

There are still things in this live that I have to prove

To only myself, no other but me

That growing up without love, friendship and happiness is existence really dreary

So do all the things that you can do now, don’t wait, don’t stop

Tomorrow will soon be here and maybe you will not

For today I write a poem and play games with friends

Tomorrow brings talking and the docs, when will it ever end

But this is my life, I choose to accept

The good and the bad  – often I have wept

About things in the past though nothing can change

In my minds eye I wish to rearrange

But living in the past like this can nothing good come

So lets all be pirates again, argh, pass me the rum

So as my words draw to a close about growing up

Be that cowboy and place your boot in the stirrup

Take charge of your life and have fun while you can

Don’t grow all the way up even when you become a man


More to come…


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3 Responses to What Does it Mean to Grow Up?

  1. Paul B says:



  2. Anna says:

    I really like this. Your writing is getting so much better. You should keep a journal or something with your writings in and get them published. This one is something that everybody can identify with. Everybody hears the comment “act your age” although nobody ever says how we’re supposed to act at any given age, and then too some many forget about the inner child, thanks for the reminder. Keep up the good work. Mom


    • Thanks for the feedback. Thus poem started out as something niggling the back of my mind that i needed to express. I didn’t really understand how much more was going to come pouring forth. The poems i write are pretty simple ideas and i think i express them that way but this one definitely got away from me.


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