Gaming 101~ (The Basics)

For some of you readers, understanding what actually happens while you game is easy to understand, however, for those not in the know, I would like to potentially shed some light on the subject.

Gaming, like so many things now-a-days, has its own jargon that we, as gamers, use to communicate with one another thoughts and ideas regarding the game in which we are involved in.

In the old days (for D&D) we used things like THAC0 – To Hit Armor Class 0 – we also had to do some reverse math for the solution to this, but I digress and that is a story for another day. Now-days, we have things like UeNT – Until end of Next Turn (As it turns out, I was mistaken and a friendly reader (redraggedfiend) pointed me in the right direction. It should read) – EoNT – End of Next Turn…etc…The list is actually pretty long and ever-expanding and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so I found a site called The Escapist, that illustrates what I am talking about.

But before I let that  (acronym meanings) side-trek hi-jack this post I want to get back on track, and that is to talk about some of the things my groups use while we play so you can better understand what I am talking about and what is going on in the pictures I post to illustrate certain situations.

Usually these things come into play when we get into combat. Here are some of the things to look for:

Bloodied – means a being has been reduced to half or fewer hit points. Hit points quite literally means the amount of damage you take from getting hit by destructive powers. To denote this we use a red ring that you get off a plastic bottle of coke.

The red ring illustrates a state of being "bloodied"

The red ring illustrates a state of being “bloodied”

We also use other colored rings to illustrate things like a mark a fighter would use on an enemy. Being marked means that someone (that can mark) has engaged you in combat and you must include that person in your attack or suffer a penalty to your attack roll. In our game a fighters mark is illustrated by a grey ring.

Alvo sets his mark - grey in this case

Alvo sets his mark – grey in this case

Rangers have a quarry feature that we use a green ring for:

The green ring signifies this creature as the ranger's quarry

The green ring signifies this creature as the ranger’s quarry

For other effects or different kinds of marks we use different color rings. Also, a creature might have more than one effect on it at a time and may also be bloodied so multiples of rings are common.

Sometimes we use miniatures to illustrate our combat situations and other times we use flat cardboard pieces and sometimes we use paper constructs to illustrate.

I think this will help you better understand what is going on during our battle scenes a little more.

As always, if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

More to come…

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3 Responses to Gaming 101~ (The Basics)

  1. Paul B says:



  2. Actually haven’t seen UeNT before, only EoNT and SoNT, for End of Next Turn and Start of Next Turn respectively. What did you use for your 3d buildings?


    • Thanks for the heads-up. I knew it didn’t look quite right. I have corrected it now.

      Our DM for that campaign used one of the sets (I believe) by the same company that puts out the dungeon tiles we use. I may be mistaken however. I will find out for sure tomorrow and get back to you with specific information.


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