Day 4 in Florida

Today had my wife and i getting up late, around 10 am, and meeting up with her brother for lunch at the Hilton. The food was not bad but a little long in getting to us.
For fun we decided to rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards since the wind was and not good for sailing.
My wife and I initially started in the kayaks but after an hour or so decided to switch up. My brother-in-law and managed to swap our water vessels successfully while in the water away from shore. That was a feat in of itself. The hard part for me standing up. My brother-in-law explained how he managed standing going from a six-point stance having toes, knees and hands on the board to raising your knees and pushing up to standing position. I was able to get to a standing position and then all hell broke loose. I took one step backwards to get my balance – bad move – and as I did so the board moved forward causing me to step back again to catch my balance. This vicious cycle went on for exactly 3 steps before i ran out of board and sunk merrily into the warm waters of the gulf.

I finished the trip back to the rental shop on my ass like a kayak as standing on the paddle-board was good only for comedy.

On the water we did see several school of fish flying out of the water for some reason we could not fathom. We also saw a lone fisherman on the end a pier swing his net out into the water and haul it back in with as many as 10 fish each time he brought it in.

The weather was warm but not blistering hot with a breeze throughout the days water activities.

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1 Response to Day 4 in Florida

  1. Paul says:

    Sounds like fun, hope you’re havin’ a blast.


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